Why Choose A Shrink Wrap Chamber / Hood Machine

Chamber MachinesThere are a vast array of options when it comes to moving up from manual labour to a full on semi-automated or automated shrink wrap machine process. You will of course deliberate over costs initially depending on the size of your distribution or production line.

One question that will arise is when you compare shrink wrap machinery over another type. Why choose a shrink wrap chamber or hood machine over and above that of an L sealer for example. A chamber can have a manual element or be fully automated. The first instance will require an operator at all times.

They basically do two jobs, where an L sealer will just seal, a chamber uses a overhead container to concentrate heat so it can shrink wrap a product at the same time as it seals. While a semi automated chamber will require an operative to place in and remove the product that requires shrink wrapping and sealing, other models have an embedded conveyor belt.

Both warehouse / factory floor space and cost will be an issue. For if you can be fully automated you might consider furthering the automation with conveyor belts. However if space is restrictive and so is price, a mobile shrink wrap chamber will offer speed of use and accuracy, enabling an operative to process more units per hour compared to previous hand sealing or L Sealer usage.

When choosing a chamber machine, select one based on your largest sized product, that way you can ensure all smaller packages can be sufficiently shrink wrapped as per the individual machine's dimensions. The different models can enable full automation from back to front end ejection with sealing and shrinking, allow for manual bagging, sealing alone and manual withdrawal as well as semi automation.

At Shrink Wrapping Supplies we don't just leave you to guess which shrink chamber will be best suited to your production line. If we think a L Sealer will suit just fine, we'll advise the lesser priced product. You can not only send your package to be shrink wrapped for free but visit our factory site by appointment and we'll show you each model in real time.

Furthermore we will assess your entire line requirements and suggest machinery pertaining to not only your needs but budget to. Use the enquiry form today to book a visit as your earliest convenience.

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