Why a Automatic Horizontal Stretch Wrapper for Furniture

As engineers we find this industry really simple to provide for and wish you to understand that what may at first appear complex, can be resolved after careful planning and research. There's not much difference between an automatic horizontal stretch wrapper for furniture and that of a vertical door stretch wrapper that can hold the finished product upright.
Only that certain end of line speeds can be effected in a similar fashion and that one which operates without a rotary arm can process many different lengths and sizes of products. Automatic horizontal stretch wrap machines come as custom made, for boxes and smaller items and furniture pieces like doors and cabinets. Right through to orbital and spiral wrappers which enable a 360 degree wrap whilst the product is laying flat to the conveyor.
Trust us, it didn't involve that much science and technology to design a surface which had a gap in the middle to enable the wrap free access. However that said, the moving parts are designed with a high finish with bearings built to last the test of time. It's the technology behind the rotary ring, efficiency and smoothness of rotational speed and the cutting devices that make the stretch wrap machinery excel at its job.
These machines can also comes as semi automatic and fully automated stretch wrap systems. If you are currently manually wrapping or having difficulty getting distribution timed correctly when wrapping roofing, flat packs, windows etc. you will be astounded at the cost savings of the semi automatic horizontal stretch wrappers for furniture and long box horizontal stretch wrapper.
Any distributor or producer that isn't using end of line machines as an automated process when dealing with heavy, obtuse and hard to handle objects is causing more work for themselves. an investment in automatic stretch wrap operations will reduce expenditure on labour force, stretch film and enable you to double up on meeting demand.
If you don't believe us - and who would when someone states you can save up to 50% on stretch wrap costs, re-assign current operators and streamline production time - come in and visit us for a demo. Furniture horizontal stretch wrappers and vertical wrappers work extremely fast, can operate practically non stop across three shifts a day and deliver results and overhead savings from the second they're installed.

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