What Size Shrink Wrap Machine Do I Need?

Aside from delivering a fantastic service or product, your production line is the beating heart of your business. So asking "What size shrink wrap machine I need?" is a good place to start. Machines for shrink wrap come in a multitude of sizes and each description will detail what size boxes or items they can wrap and at which speed.

There's little point discussing size until you figure out which type of shrink machine you actually require. There are several different machines that could meet your needs. It may seem obvious, but if you wrap different sized boxes, then you need to opt for the larger dimension. That way it can easily shrink wrap the smaller products. The smallest will not be able to wrap the largest.

Shrink wrap tunnels can wrap small and large boxes up to and above 600mm x 400mm even pallets, including trays or obscurely shaped objects. Sleeve sealers can also with small to medium sized objects but you'll need room for a conveyor belt. However if you're in the fresh food or meat industry you will perhaps wish to go for an all stainless steel unit termed a vacuum sealer.

Auto sealers are more encompassing and come in both semi-automatic and fully automated. These are lager units that do more of the work for you, sealing, moving, ejecting etc. You will need conveyors at both ends unless using manual labour to control the final processes. Measure your products and choose a machine based on the largest carton or package.

Size is also a consideration when it comes to floor space. Having figured out which shrink wrap machine size you require, you can then measure your work shop floor and determine whether you can expand operations with conveyor belts and carton wrappers or made do with a smaller shrinkwrap machine until space becomes viable.

If you are stuck on how to move forward, that answered questions lead to more queries, we can offer tips and advice on how to proceed. Often it's not as easy to answer what size shrink machine you need, without taking into account every part of the production or distribution chain and indeed, your plans for expansion and coping with demand thereafter. Give us a call or email and we'll get back to you straight away.

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