Used and Secondhand Shrink Wrap Machine For Budgeting

As a business owner you might be looking at the cost of new shrink film machines and thinking they are beyond your current ability to reinvest. Don't worry, this isn't an unusual concern. In fact a refurbished secondhand shrink wrap machine can be seen as a wise move in some cases. Either for an entrepreneur just starting out or as a second machine to meet an increase demand that will be short lived.
Of course you will expect to meet demand in a more professional context in the near future but if an order is unexpected or there's an unusual peak during off season, turning to a second hand model that is both cheap and reliable will certainly solve your current problems. All of our models have been tested, refitted with new parts where necessary and will come with certain guarantees for their longevity.
We don't just take receipt of older models and pass them off as second hand shrink wrap machinery without ensuring that they are in full working order. Rigorous testing takes place before even issuing it with a certificate that is ready for despatch. Our reputation relies on delivering both high end new machinery as well as used L sealers and shrink wrap tunnels.
Is it possible to build an entire production line with second hand shrink wrap machines? Yes it is. Though we would like to highlight the positives of a new machine over that of used. Even if your current budget can't stretch to a much needed £10,000 shrink tunnel and L sealer, our machine finance options enable you to take more care of your cash flow and reinvest on monthly terms without worrying about an upfront outlay immediately.
Second hand shrink wrap machinery can come in the form of a Used stainless steel shrink wrap machine for cheese and breaded products, a used shrink wrap tunnel oven and we can also source and refurbish upon demand. When it comes to food production and stainless steel machines, we ensure they are deep cleaned and ready for the food environment again with all parts cleaned as new.
If you wish to discuss your current production line needs or visit our factory base to test out your product please call us today. We would hope that even if your cash flow only allows for a secondhand shrink wrap machine, that our finance team could possibly arrange accommodating finance options that enable you to buy new shrink film machinery instead which would offer more security and full maintenance cover going forward.

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