Upgrading From Manual Shrink Wrap Equipment

Have you ever considered upgrading from manual shrink wrap equipment to semi automatic or to a fully automated shrink film systems? You've been sat at your desk looking over your financial figures for the last quarter. A) You're really happy at completing almost the same work load as last month and the usual peak season is around the corner or B) You're slightly concerned that while your cash flow is peaking it's the same run of mill business it always has been.
There are three types of business people in our view. The Mum and Dad operation, happy to be local, stay local and be that way until retirement. They can benefit from automating shrink wrap processes but really aren't that fussed. They would see an upturn in line efficiency and save money but again they don't consider investing in shrink wrap equipment a major concern.
Then there is business number two, they have two shifts during the day operating six until 2pm and 1pm until 9pm. Each rotate between job specifications to keep it fresh. One prints and sticks labels on boxes manually, another picks orders and packs and at the end of the week everyone chips in and uses a roll of tape to seal boxes and then shrink wraps their assembled orders on pallets ready for despatch.
It's an highly efficient operation, well, if it was still 1963. All it would take is a little marketing, some understanding of a faster production line and this business would probably grow overnight and expand exponentially thanks to upgrading from manual shrink wrap equipment to even simply semi automatic wrapping machines.
Then there's yourself. You're pretty clued up as to what is going on in the world. You have already upgraded parts of your production line. Computerised systems, automated picking orders and software for delivery routes. Your only problem is turning your ever expanding operation into one that retains cash flow long enough for investment. Money for that semi automatic L bar sealer, the funky new flow wrapper, how's about a carton sealer and wouldn't it be wonderful to stop Fred going round in circles and have a semi automatic pallet wrapper too?
Forget the Mum and Dad operation and don't worry about your competitor who can't see the pallet for the trees. Upgrading from manual shrink wrap equipment to semi automatic is as simple as one phone call. We offer machine finance that helps your business manage cash flow, and buy much needed new machinery and develop your business and meet demand. Call us today!

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