Shrink Wrap Machinery For Food

The last bit of publicity any food producer wants is scare stories about their food packaging. Something that perhaps some of your nearest and dearest competitors have succumbed to. Thankfully British law is quite stringent when it comes to food safety and checks but choosing the correct shrink wrap machine for food presentation packaging and keeping the dangerous elements at bay is a continuous battle for all concerned.
Because food items are so rightly regarded as needing to be packaged and kept within a safe environment, it's not only the food sealing machine that needs to be designed with food in mind. But a certain thought process applied to the type of food grade shrink film that should also be used. While many machines can swap out different types of PVC and Polyolefin film, the choice could well be crucial.
Shrink Wrapping Supplies, not only build custom shrink wrap machinery for food from stainless steel which can be deep cleaned on a regular basis and the surrounding area will be fit with the correct atmospheric conditions adhered to. We also compliment the service by integrating one of many food specific shrink wrap options which not only act as safeguards against external dangers but act as food presentation packaging too.
Because shrink wrap is clear and see through it is imperative that the food it envelops remains fresh by appearance as well. In partnership with a variety of vendors we have developed a range of stretch shrink film seals for different fresh foods that prevent liquid leakage, contamination, can prevent heat exposure through the use of base polymers which enable fast shrinking at low temperatures.
Yes indeed, the shrink wrap tunnel element can cause food to be harmed while packaging. It's not simply a case of ensuring any shrink wrap machine for food presentation packaging offers a brilliant wrap with no eyes or baubles but any element of over heating can cause bacteria to be resurgent or congealed liquids to cause display problems.
Whether you require all stainless steel conveyor belts, custom built shrink tunnels that circulate air better at faster rates and low temperatures or automatic side sealers or semi automatic L sealers for food with a variety in-feed and out-feed alternative. We're sure the shrink wrap machinery for food presentation packaging that we supply, both the machine and specialist food grade Polyolefin and PVC shrink film will lead to better performance, lower energy and lower wrap costs. Most important of all, secure and safe delivery of well presented food items from your production line.

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