Manual Shrink Packaging Machine Vs Second Hand Auto

There are companies out there in the big old production line world, that even with our fantastic machine finance options, they still can't make cash flow meet the payments required to take on new shrink wrap machinery. That doesn't mean that you can't switch some of your manual shrink packaging machines over to semi automatic machinery.
Don't misunderstand us. Even new L bar sealers can be fully manually operated as that's they're intended use. Any form of automation is not ideal for every scenario. A company that requires more robotic influence is one that is finding it difficult to meet demand. Or wishes to increase their rate of production or distribution without expanding the factory shop floor with more manual labour and the inherent costs that come with labour force expansion.
Though in the same vein, your business can't currently afford to switch from manual shrink packaging machines to brand spanking new shiny stainless steel shrink wrappers. As reinvestment in the bottling production line or changing over to more productive picking software was more essential. So what's the solution? As hinted in the title, why not consider if a manual shrink packaging machine could be bettered by a second hand automatic shrink machine increasing the rate of products wrapped per hour?
Your business need not upgrade to automation across every single element of the line. Just because you buy a powered rollered conveyor belt to stop employees wasting time walking and carrying heavy objects. Which is increasing your product wastage through slips and falls as well as becoming a time issue, doesn't mean you need buy an automatic friction feeder straight away.
If you do have a budget for a large pneumatic semi auto L sealer with heat chamber. You may instead be able to purchase a second hand L sealer with shrink tunnel and a carton sealer and labelling machine. By meeting an increase in demand, in the near future, you can truly look at switching over all manual shrink packaging machine operations from second hand auto to brand new shrink wrap machines using machine finance options and we'll be with you every step of the way.
To find out if you could benefit from changing any of your manual shrink packaging machines to a more automated operation, drop us a line by email or give us a call. You can talk to our engineers and they will review your end of line operations and discuss budgetary requirements. If machine finance isn't an option, then a refurbished shrink wrap machine most definitely should be.

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