Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap Film v Heavy Duty Shrink Film

As a shrink wrap machine stockist and maintenance contractor it's easy to get carried away with the more subtle shrink film approaches that the more finer microns offer the food and retail industry. Clearer, food safe PVC and Polyolefin have their place but when it comes to industrial usage and shrink wrapping larger products, then most will turn to heavy duty shrink wrap film to meet their business needs.
The types of businesses that tend to buy into heavy duty shrink film are cabinet makers, companies supplying to the building trade and shutters, doors, windows and even timber and tool manufactures. To ensure items are received in the best possible condition. Sometimes storage for many months, even years is required and if being moved around or placed in a dusty warehouse, shrink wrap that is heavy duty can save a product from being damaged in many ways.
Whether you supply automotive parts, home furnishings, shelving or large plush toys, we will help you navigate through the many features of automatic heavy duty shrink wrap machines that will be used to wrap your products in heavy duty shrink wrap film. Features which may include bespoke additions such as tubular steel frames, multiple rolls of films and automatic changeover, top and bottom sealer bars and any number of labelling and conveyor belt options.
Custom heavy duty shrink film machines can work with product heights and width that measure up to 48 inches and as low as 8 inches with any length in-between catered for. Simply by using laser tech to notify when the L sealer should seal and move the conveyor and product through to shrinking. Larger sizes can also be catered for with custom made solutions.
Making us of an heavy duty shrink wrap film will ensures all those unforeseen scratches and scrapes are instead transferred to the new outer and second skin of your product, instead the actual product itself. Reducing product returns and damage and ensuring longevity no matter how many times the object is transported. While ensuring the wrap is still clear for identification and can work with multiple labelling machine options.
For advice and tops on which heavy duty shrink wrap film you should be buying to wrap your products, please contact one of our engineers today. We'll call back at your earliest convenience with all knowing knowledge on which micron thickness will suit, the best shrink wrap machinery to operate with heavy duty film and plan your production or distribution line at a pre-scheduled meeting at our factory HQ.

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