Do I Need Shrink wrap Machine Maintenance And Servicing?

In today's gadget laden world, quite a lot of additional insurance and guarantees of servicing that you are offered on Washing Machines and Televisions are not required. As products you buy may fall within home contents insurance cover and typical business insurance.

However this notion tends not to apply to high grade, 24 hour operational Shrinkwrapping machines used for commercial purposes. If you are new to the automated production and packing line arena, you will soon come to understand how important preventative maintenance is to your business. In fact, it is only when you don't proceed with a form of preventative maintenance that you'll find out how dangerous and expensive such a choice can be. It is also worthwhile noting that all heavy machinery falls under certain Government Health and Safety legislation which you should be compliant with.

Such rules and maintenance requirements are proven to reduce employee accidents and other hazardous events. They also save your company money on lost downtime and finding faults with parts before they become a real issue. Hence the term preventative maintenance - checks that prevent. Our engineers are fully trained in every aspect of the wrapping machines that we sell and even machinery which you may already have on your premises. Including the variety of complimentary line packing equipment such as conveyors, carton sealers and labelling machines.

For a yearly fee your business and staff can operate with peace of mind in that your machinery has been sufficiently checked for faults at least two or three times a year. While you will of course train your staff to clean and keep your machines in a healthy state, our engineers lubricate where necessary and change seals / parts* and test thoroughly before departure. This type of Shrinkwrap machine servicing fully covers you for any obligations under UK Health and Safety laws and provides a completed log for record keeping and risk assessment documentation.

It's not often that spending money saves money but in this instance we fully believe in the processes of preventative maintenance. We invite you to review the different plans we have in place which provide instance cover. Invariably you will save on hourly call out charges, especially if out of hours.

Even if you do not take our cover straight away, the after sales team will be on hand to assist with any problems or set up issues you have.

We pride ourself in our customer service but even more importantly, wish to ensure your Shrink wrapping machinery has a long life by correctly maintaining the parts within. Is Shrinkwrap machine maintenance and servicing essential? In our view, yes.

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