Cost Savings Associated With a Part Ex Machine

Film packaging is the most effective and economic way of producing multipacks of products for distribution and shipment purposes. Shrink wrap equipment is used to package products in a film that is heat shrunk around the product to create a very tight seal around the product. There are many types of shrink equipment including L-bar sealers, bundler shrink equipment, flow thru shrink equipment, semi-auto and tunnel shrink equipment. Each type provides packaging for your product. Once your product is wrapped in shrink film, it will pass through the heat tunnel which will cause the film to shrink around the product.

A part exchange or part exchange deal is a type of contract, it has never been referred to as p x in the history of the Shrink Wrap Machinery. In a part exchange, instead of one party to the contract paying money and the other party supplying goods/services, both parties supply goods/services, the first party supplying part money and part goods/services.

With time and exploitation Used Shrink Wrap Machines are getting less and less competitive. The speed is getting down compared to the new ones, functions calculated and incorporated are less adequate to current busses needs.

Part-ex-ing an old shrink wrapping machinery for new machines rather than overhauling an old machine.

When your machine arrives for rebuild its tear down to the frame i.e. strip the machine of all its components. The frame is repainted and the machine is rebuilt with all new mechanical parts as well as an electrical control system.

The actual effect of this is partially renewing the old machine to some levels of it’s initial production. No additional, the machine can be retrofitted. New machines have obtained a serious technological upgrades to the system components and a new guard package. Productivity and speed as well as new functions are more than a lot. Upon completion of Rebuilt machine, you will receive an outdated machinery that will not give you any competitive advantages over your competitor using the new version of this machinery.

When your machine is refurbishes it just go thorough cleaning, and replace all worn or damaged components i.e. bearings, sprockets, chains, wear-strips, etc. This level of maintenance may or may not include an upgrade to your electrical control system. However, your machine will be restored to a level very close to its original OEM specifications. The main problem is that all new machineries have been updated in terms of speed, reliability and electricity consumption is dramatically reduced.

Machine Upgrades of part-ex-ing an old shrink wrapping machinery for new machines

We enhance your current equipment with a new one providing you new system or feature that was developed after the purchase of your machine. A typical example would be for Sigma Packaging to replace an outdated mechanical feature with a state-of-the-art electronic device, providing new features and enhancements. The resulting system will provide you with machine operational capabilities that are available on newer equipment.


Our highly qualified technicians are available for preventive maintenance, conversions, updates, and machine audits. Whether your problem is mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic. We identify the problem and find the appropriate solution at the highest value.

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