Choosing The Best Shrink Wrap Machine For Warehouses

Warehouse managers have the unenviable task of dealing with fast moving inventory, constant deliveries and probably too often, dealing with the fall out of a buyer's mistake. Whether you are in charge of a 5,000 square foot warehouse attached to a supermarket or a 200,000 sq foot distribution centre, choosing the best shrink wrap machine for warehouses will make you an hero.
Your warehouse is organised from bottom to top, nearest exits to furthest away and no matter what you do, shop floor staff are always requesting pallets be moved on to the shop floor or staff pop in for individual boxes one at a time. Problems arise when second, third and fourth level pallets, whether accessible by a mezzanine or not, start to become unstable.
Health and safety is one of your biggest oversights, on top of ensuring your warehouse being manageable, accessible to all and tidy. Uneven loads, half pallets, pallets of returned stock awaiting despatch, freezer storage, sorting produce for shop floor arrival and keeping high valued electronics and dangerous goods away from the lightest of fingers. All situations to be solved by the best shrink wrap machines for warehouses? Let's see...
Seasonal Products: 80 boxes of crackers, 90 fairy lights, 100, 110 oh 120 artificial Christmas trees... A buyer over ordered but it's your problem to store them for another 8 months.
Freezer Storage: Boxes of frozen goods are seriously heavy, can you really rely on manual labour to ensure the stretch wrap is sufficiently in place before the pallet trucks start moving again?
Firework Safety: You will have already had a container placed on site to abide by existing laws but you know for additional security, extra taught stretch wrap will keep boxes sealed and no fireworks will be getting loose or accidentally falling.
Produce & Goods In: While fruit and veg tends to go straight to the shop floor, occasionally goods need consolidating for later in the day. Food grade Polyolefin to keep moisture, dirt and dust at bay...
Returns: The best shrink wrap machine for a warehouse, your warehouse is only deemed to be the best if it handles those dreaded returned goods pallets effectively. Faulty goods, damaged electronics and any item that can't be written off on site and thrown needs to be kept secure for a full refund at source.
Whose responsibility is all of the above? Not the floor manager, not the cleaner, not the truck driver and definitely not the store manager who knows to steer clear of the warehouse at all times. The best shrink wrap machine for warehouses in the above instances, is probably a semi automatic pallet wrapper.
If you need help choosing the best shrink wrap machine for your warehouse or distribution centre then give us a call. It's not all about production lines and whole end of line scenarios. There are far more single roll shrink wrap and stretch wrap rolls in use than there are in machines. One of our dreams is to replace manual labour rolls with shrink wrap machinery no matter how small, to make your life easier.

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