Choosing The Best Shrink Wrap Machine For Retailers

Sometimes running a shop floor is like singing a Queen anthem, another one bites the dust... and another one's gone... We're of course talking about your products for sale and loss prevention. Can choosing the best shrink wrap machine for retailers really save you and your customers repeat aggravation and more repeat sales instead?
It is incredible how many people want a discount or won't buy an item if the packaging has a dent, scratch or the box has been punctured or ripped. It is more of a coup for the manufacturer's marketing team that a box is an essential part of the present giving process instead of the actual product itself. Obviously bike manufacturers haven't quite cottoned on to the carton dressage effect yet.
As engineers of UK shrink wrap machines you might not think your company as a retailer is our target market. But you couldn't be more wrong. We have been telling retailers like yourselves that to decrease losses on damaged goods, it's really easy to reseal items on the premises if contracts permit and there's no damage to the actual product inside. It goes without saying that re-shrink wrapping food and body personal items is not on the agenda.
We want you to take the term SHRINKAGE and turn it into a POSITIVE. In retailing shrinkage obviously means to write off amounts due to products being damaged after receipt. Why not turn SHRINKAGE into a NEW SHRINK AGE. Every retailer that takes our advice and begins using a shrink wrap machine for retailers, even if it is just a portable L bar sealer sees a dramatic decrease in items written off.
Why? Because ripped packaging is not appealing. It makes a person ponder and think twice as to whether someone has worn a top or if it was returned. Whether parts are missing on a toy or if a box of highly expensive electronics has been opened, returned and parts are missing.
We're not suggesting or advocating that you cheat the customer, merely check components, inspect and ensure everything is valid and reseal the box or packaging with a new layer of shrink wrap after choosing the best shrink wrap machine for supermarkets. Large or small, as long as the product is re-wrapped effectively the customer is none the wiser and your loss prevention targets are met.
We have engineers on the end of the telephone right now, ready to receive your calls and to assist you with choosing the best shrink wrap machine for retailing operations. Both large and small businesses can reduce wastage, stop discounting and increase profit margins all thanks to the implementation of a back up, low cost shrink wrap machine.

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