Choosing A Sealing Machine For Food Packaging

While any shrink film production line has to be secure and safe, choosing the correct sealing machine for food packaging is most definitely one of the most important decisions to take when complying with British law. Meat and dairy producers usually choose stainless steel shrink machines to ensure food quality standards remain, but bottle, jar and carton operations can often selected a cheap painted steel shrink machine.
There are several reasons why a food sealing shrink wrap machine should be chosen over any run of the mill option. The consequences are not just immediate but can result in problems further down the line if not wrapped sufficiently. While the area in which a product is packed and wrapped needs to be kept clean, the shrink film has to be strong enough not to suffer rips and tears but also kept free of air and external interference.
Often it is the case that a business can lose a lot of money on returned products that have become damaged before reaching the shop floor. In concert with these issues, some retailers and supermarkets like to have a smaller sealing machine for food packaging on site, rectifying any damage so a product can still be sold on to the customer.
High quality food packaging machinery is designed with bakeries, butchers, fishmongers and all feed through supermarket producers. Operating at a fast rate, with the ability to be deep cleaned there are suitable for any size of operation. The machines come as dedicated units for speciality  food packing or can handle numerous products from multiple infeed conveyor lines.
Larger units can be fully automated with there are more manual alternatives such as a pizza capper shrink system, ready meal sealing machine, tray seal lidding machines and hand stretch wrapping machines. Each of these can be adapted to suit larger end of line operations with subsequent labelling and further palletisation.
There are of course larger commercial sealing machines for food packaging, typical semi automatic L sealers, automatic flow wrappers and spiral wrappers. All of our machinery can be built from scratch and custom built in stainless steel. Should you require conveyor belts, label shrink tunnels and jaw sealers we are perfectly placed to adapat to your needs.
Not withstanding that with every customised unit, we will be able to supply bespoke clear trays for modified atmosphere packaging and packaging film in any size of micron required in both food grade PVC and Polyolefin. Contact us today for further information on a custom sealing machine for food packaging production lines today.

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