Can I Hire Shrink Wrapping Equipment Prior To Purchasing?

Directly no, indirectly yes. To differentiate between the options on offer, we are unable to hire Shrink wrapping machines out to business for short periods of time or as a trial. If you wish to trial any of our machinery we invite you to attend a Shrinkwrap machine demo at our Cheshire factory in Hyde.

Alternatively we can take receipt of your product, wrap it for free and return as an example. We do however have two finance options which can help alleviate the cost of purchasing Shrink wrap equipment and associated line packing machinery. After you are satisfied with the Shrinkwrap machine trial and that it meets your business needs going forward, you can apply for either a Hire Purchase agreement or a Finance Lease. Hire Purchase: We work with loan management companies which take on your debt and in return you pay down a deposit and the calculated VAT at the time of payment.

Payment can then be paid monthly over a period of one to five years. At the end of the term the machine is rightly yours and is accountable from the outset as a depreciating asset. Finance Lease: Many large companies prefer to finance lease equipment.

While you will never own the equipment, you can sell the machine on to another party and retain up to 95% of sale proceeds. Such an agreement is subject to VAT on payments and interest. Many competitors hire out shrink wrapping machinery in a similar manner.

It's worth checking who exactly you will be paying and signing a contract with. We provide some of the best finance options on the market and with our Price Match guarantee and service offers your Shrink wrap machine needs can easily be met with us.

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