Why or How Should I Shrink Wrap Fruit And Veg?

Being involved in the fruit and veg industry you have probably come across competitors who shrink wrap produce before delivery. In fact, many supermarkets recommend and prefer that certain ranges of their fresh foods are packaged in shrinkwrap form.

Fresher: A variety of different scientific studies have shown that produce stays fresher for longer once contained within shrinkwrap, as opposed to being open to the elements. Physiological loss in weight and loss of firmness is reduced across many varieties and colour can also be extended.

Handling: While a little costlier there is no doubt that customers prefer to know that fruit and veg is handled with care and in clean environments before it ends up in the kitchen. From picking to packaging all companies will ensure safe procedures for handling but what about the shop floor and in transport? The additional confidence in final purchase is clear.

Transporting: There can be a high wastage factor when it comes to transporting fruit and vegetables. While there is much disdain about Supermarket policy surrounding ugly fruit, wastage increases when bruised fruit and veg is discarded upon final delivery.

Shrink wrapped produce does not suffer the same liabilities as boxed produce. Today's market stalls are not heavily stocked by local producers, often the journey is across borders, through countries and across oceans. Air borne contaminants and insects are also taken out of the delivery chain.

Display: Supermarkets have hit on a new way to increase produce profitability merely by wrapping on site or at the point of production by the supplier. Either wrapping a variety of veg and fruit or one type in sealed enclosures. A producer could benefit from this slight increase in packaging costs and reap some of that profit too and of course, additional business from other retailers.

Recycling: Quite, there is the aspect that for hundreds of thousands of years we have survived eating fruit that has been handled by others. And that the additional shrinkwrap could be seen as unnecessary. However, solutions such as Polyolefin Shrink Film are fully recyclable and food safe. Ensuring you and your client's carbon footprint is fully accountable.

Investment: Taking into account all of the above, you might ponder whether investment would be worthwhile. Long term it might well be, as the market for shrinkwrap produce can only grow further. Increasingly more shelf space is allotted to wrapped produce over fresh produce counters.

Before any shrinkwrap machinery is purchased consider the benefits of being ahead of your competitors. Ask clients if they are willing to assist with the funding of such an exceptional way to keep fruit and veg fresher, safer and more profitable for all concerned.

There are a variety of different machines and systems that can aid in the introduction of shrink wrapping fruit and veg before despatch or on site at a supermarket or distribution centre. Contact us to find out how your produce can be best presented, kept safe and clean and to truly put your company on the map.

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