Why Choose Shrink Wrapping?

Shrink wrapping is the method of using shrink wrap film, which is a packaging material made out of polymer plastic film. Its main purpose is to cover tightly over products and bind them together for a more cost-effective packaging.  This article aims to inform you of the benefits of using shrink wrap for your packaging needs.

When it comes to choosing a packaging material, shrink wrap films have an unprecedented popularity. This is most probably because shrink wrap films are highly versatile and cheap which is why we find a lot of manufacturers and simple home makers alike, opting to use shrink wrap films for their packaging needs. Shrink wrap films can withstand harsh climate conditions and other external factors that can cause damage to your product. Aside from that shrink wrap films can be used in a multitude of ways such as:

  1. Shrink Wrapping Printed Materials.

  2. Shrink Wrap Film For Toys, Games and Sporting Goods 

  3. Shrink Packaging For Hardware and Houseware 

  4. Shrink Wrap For Packaged Foods -

  5. Shrink Wrapped Stationary, Cards and Gift Wrap 

  6. Shrink Wrap Packaging For Pharmaceuticals 

  7. Shrink Wrap For Video Tapes and CD's 

Shrink wrapping also has a number of benefits such as:

  1. Visibility of Your Brand. Shrink films can be printed according to your custom needs. It can range from simple images to full colour images that can cover the entire surface of your product. Since there is no space limitation as to how much you can print on your shrink wrap film, you are free to be as creative as possible with your brand. You can use this space to showcase your new product, advertise product information, create excitement and buzz amongst consumers.

  2. Security of Your Products. A full shrink wrap film allows for a security seal to be on the product container. With a security seal, no one will be able to tamper on the product and its quality can be assured.

  3. Gain Valued Consumer Confidence. The transparency of a shrink wrap film is a helpful way of gaining customer confidence. This allows for them to see what exactly the product looks like and that increases their confidence not only with the product but with you also. This also saves time for both manufacturer and consumer in the event that a product has been damaged, tampered or compromised.

  4.  Sturdiness. Shrink wrap films are known for their durability, resistance and sturdiness. This is one key factor on why they make such great packaging materials. You are ensured that your products will reach their destination intact, fresh and not tampered. It is obviously not fool proof but it is the best option there is if you are looking for durable yet cost-effective packaging material.

  5. Environment Friendly. Shrink wrap films are very environmentally friendly as well. The products used to create them are sustainable and can be recycled. When using shrink wrap films, you can advertise your products as environment and earth friendly products to appeal to environmentally concerned customers. 

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