What Is The Cheapest Supplier For Shrink Film

As a business, buying a shrink wrap machine to streamline production costs is just the start of the journey to a more profitable enterprise. As we advise from the outset after installing your shrink machinery, we like to consider ourselves very competitive on the supplies you need and being the cheapest supplier for shrink film and shrink wrap in the market.
But before you get to achieving the greatest savings on shrink wrap you should contemplate which shrink film is best all round for your product. upon installation you will have been provided detailed information on which shrink film is best for achieve the results you require. We supply most if not all types of shrink film at low cost.
There are several types of shrink wrap, Polythene, Polyolefin and PVC and these are all available in different variables of thickness. Cheap Polythene film comes in 13 microns right up to 70 and you can order special sizes as per your requirements. This type of shrink wrap is perfect for single items as well as trays.
Some companies choose cheaper Polyolefin shrink film to wrap hampers and presentation packs. The beauty of this material is that it is tear resistant and offers fantastic tensile strength. Available in P3, P5 it is especially good to use in direct contact with food and produce. Coming as layered shrink film and in microns from 15 to 25.
The cheapest supplier for shrink film usually has minimum order limits to ensure savings can be passed on to the customer. We operate in a similar fashion and half tonnes for polythene and Polyolefin can be ordered as either single rolls or by the pallet load. Obviously the more you order, the better the discount and of course freed delivery assured over £35.
You need not worry about the longevity of shrink film. Simply talk to our sales representatives and they will gauge your requirements and shelf life of each of the shrink wrap you order. Ensuring that you don't end up with shrink wrap that will expire before use.
We are also the cheapest supplier for shrink film when it comes to Centre folded PVC, whether 15, 19 or 25 microns and again custom requests are welcome. If you are searching for the cheapest supplier for shrink film, but find prices lower elsewhere, do please contact us for offers on bulk prices as we can probably beat the competitor and long term become your trusted supplier and always on next day delivery.

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