Top 10 Reasons to Shrink Wrap Your Products

Top 10 reasons To Shrink Wrap Your Products.

Often do we hear, “oh, I didn’t know that could be shrink wrapped”. Well it can, and in all honesty, 90% of products in their lifetime have, in fact, probably been under some sort of shrink wrapping and been through the machines we sell, service and maintain.

Look around when you’re next in a newsagent, or the supermarket. Shrink wrapping is a silent super hero of the packaging world.

Shrink Wrapping supplies often get asked, is this beneficial to my product, and the answer is always the same: Yes, however, there is more than one reason why it’s good to shrink wrap.

We’ve compiled this list of the top 10 reasons to shrink wrap, and why it’s beneficial to you, your bottom line, and ultimately your customers.

The Top 10 Reasons to Shrink Wrap your products are:

  1. Protection – although Shrink film is clear and to the touch quite thin, it’s stronger than you think. Measured in Microns, and in 3 main material types, Polyolefin, PVC and Polythene it is, once shrunk around your products durable, strong and protects against things such as impact, handling, soiling, and damp.

  2. Presentation – some items such as gift sets, and or boxes of chocolates for example, (yes chocolates, can go thought the heat shrinking process too) need to look good on the shelf, so whilst shrink wrapping will help with transit, it will also help the aesthetics and make the product stand out from the crowd. 

  3. Eliminates cost of adhesive tape, cartons, Kraft paper etc. Speaks for itself, strong durable and travels well, meaning you don’t need to have oodles of packing or umpteen feet of bubble wrap. Shrink Wrap keeps things tight, neat and tough in transit. 

  4. Tamper evidence, have an expensive product or item that may see the odd one disappear? Not anymore, shrink wrapping provides peace of mind that whatever leaves your warehouse arrives in full at its destination. Opening the packet once it’s been shrunk, leaves no question of tampering as it’s impossible to regain the finished shrink wrap look without re shrinking it from scratch and unless you have a micro shrink wrapping (which don’t exist) in your wagon or delivery vehicle, you would be best to leave well alone. 

  5. Containment of a collation using shrink wrapping to replace a box or a paper wrapper, i.e. to hold together a collated sales unit of 12 cans bottles or small cartons. Another application would be to hold together 500 brochures to distribute to a branch.

  6. Marketing - Increases perception of value because the improved aesthetics of a shrink wrapped product on a retail shelf gives the customer a sense of increased value.

  7. Transparency for inspection stock counting because shrink wrap, even in the thickest of Microns all items are still visible within the packaging environment.

  8. Reduces material costs, and strength provided by the shrink film means cartons can be matt and be a thinner board the extra rigidity shrink wrap adds to a box or carton means that a lesser grade of board can be used, also the board can be matt finish as the shrink wrap replaces the gloss lamination.

  9. Increases - product and products packaging shelf life soiling and edge damages of cartons on retail shelves due to customer handling/inspection, which in the past as resulted in rejections is eliminated by shrink wrapping.

  10. Speeds up dispatch because a good operator with a basic entry level L sealer and tunnel, can easily produce 700 packets an hour, compare this to traditional boxes, leaves no question that Shrink wrapping is much more cost effective. All Films are kinder to the environment as they degrade and are nonpoisonous/harmful to the environment.  

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