Risk Assessing

Shrink Wrap Machinery Risk Assessing

Upgrading from manual labour to automation comes with additional responsibilities that all new product owners should be aware of, especially when it comes to Shrink Wrap machine risk assessing as well as the areas surrounding equipment.

If you already have a semi-automated production line in place then you will no doubt already be complying with government directives pertaining to health and safety when it comes to operating heavy machinery. However there may new be new issues that need understanding. Staff awareness and proper training with ongoing preventive maintenance can assist in safe guarding your premises and staff.

It is impossible to cover this area in total and the government and local council, as well as the health and safety executive can provide documentation no matter which industry you work within. To help you abide by current laws and provide a safe environment for your staff, the public and visitors to the premises.

A few dangers that arise from shrink wrap machinery that thorough risk assessing can aid in preventing are; burns to skin, personal injury through connecting with moving parts, electrical shocks if parts are not properly maintained or work carried out by someone not qualified, and improper use and wrapping products that are not suitable for the environment.

Some shrink wrap can give off fumes when sealed and heat is applied, there can be fire hazards too which should be taken into consideration. Ensuring equipment is at a suitable distance from walkways and ensuring the following measures are in place is also advisable.

Such as on site fire extinguisher, proper ventilation of the area concerned, trained staff in both the mechanisms of the machine, maintenance undertaken by a professional, a staff member trained in first aid and fire safety. And the storage of shrink wrap life term adhered to, as well as all tools for correct measurements and work carried out.

Shrink wrap machines are made of thousands of parts which when being replaced need exact measurements for best use. Healthy and safety can not be skipped when working with machinery that gets hot, moves fast, has automated processes and all staff in a building should be made aware of auto STOP buttons to cut electricity in an emergency.

Please always consult the individual handbook for acknowledgement of all risks so that a proper risk assessment can be applied to the environment. If you have any question or queries, then we are at hand to offer guidance on how to comply with directives when you purchase new shrink wrap machinery and associated production line equipment. We also have qualified engineers available as needed under any service contract that you take out with us.

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