Manual Shrink Wrapper For Pallets Or Semi Automatic

If ever an engineer wanted bragging rights when attending a convention then the simple question of buying a manual shrink wrapper for pallets or semi automatic is the quickest way to get them. No one ever got points for fixing up an old Skoda compared to a top of the range Rolls Royce, which is what in effect an automatic pallet wrapper is.
Who might have such an industry leading piece of equipment? Well Amazon must have several dozen, chemical giants too and without any doubt, publishers although in decline, will opt for a fully automated production line. A manual shrink wrapper for pallets is still much more than simply a man holding a plastic attachment either side of a stretch wrap roll and going around in circles several thousands of times a day.
Believe it or not, there are still hundreds of thousands of people doing exactly that day in day out at some point during the working week. It's laborious, time consuming work. Not to mention the health and safety factor and ensuing backache. For the cost of a quarter of an employee's annual salary you'll reduce your employee liability insurance and increase your distribution line's efficiency by a noticeable percentage.
Engineer bragging rights and obvious bonuses aside, should you choose a manual shrink wrapper for pallets or semi automatic? Let's look at the different mechanics. The most manual is a hand held dispenser which the stretch wrap fits within but your employee still goes around in circles, albeit only slightly bending down - if it's a superior angled model.
An alternative method is a mobile manual pallet wrapping machine on wheels which has an upright for the stretchwrap and two mounted columns that effect a power pre-stretch. However your employee is still walking around in circles all day long. Lastly there's a semi automatic pallet wrapping machine that operates with a turntable and the aforementioned power pre-stretch remains in one position.
In this situation, the only thing getting dizzy if the pallet and products and it turns on the turntable. You might be reading this, looking down on to the shop floor laughing at your employee going around in circles when this model only cost a few thousand second hand or a quarter of their salary.
If you want a faster production or end of line operation, if you think that employee could be doing something more beneficial with your time and money, answer the following question. Manual shrink wrapper for pallets or semi automatic? We thought so, and we can even offer easy payments with our finance plans to aid in managing business cashflow.

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