How A shrink Wrapping Machine For Bottles Works

Some businesses looking to maximise end of line operations in the water bottling industry want to know how a shrink wrapping machine for bottles works and how it can reduce wastage, be more efficient and cut down on labour costs. As engineers we are ready to answer all your questions if you can tell us why people buy bottled water...
Joking aside, there is no sarcasm when it comes to the real deal and that of shrink wrapping machine for bottles that are either PET, water bottling or for the energy drink trade. In fact, these specific bottle in-line feed conveyors and shrink tunnels can wrap almost any loosely assembled cans, jars, bottles or cartons. You simply program the sizes into the CPU and the automatic bottle shrink wrapper does it all for you.
So how does a shrink wrapping machine for bottles work? Operating at different levels, buying with the future in mind is always worthwhile when trying to meet demand. With that said, all our bottling film machines operate in a similar fashion whether low, medium or high speed shrink wrapping systems.
You can select a manual or automatic version, MSP v ASP. with manual a human will be required to shape the formation of in fed bottles, while with an automated shrink wrapping machine for bottles you can pre-designate the containment number, from 4x3, 6x4, 7x5 and so on. These collated bottles then either get pushed manually or automatically towards the shrink wrap screen.
An L sealer or specialist heated seal bar with then seal offer the side of the shrink wrap which has no been enveloped around the group of bottles. The bottles then move to the inside of the heat shrink tunnel and the chosen shrink film is shrink to wrap the bottles tightly. It should be said that an inlay tray can be used to seat the bottles before wrapping which again, can either be manually placed or automated.
Both ends of the shrink chamber are heat controlled, firstly recirculated air maximises the shrink ability of the film. And because the products will be slightly heated, as too will be the packaging, the whole packaged item is then fan cooled rapidly upon exit which provides further rigidity, enabling you to palletise the bottles immediately.
Now you have figured out how a shrink wrapping machinery for bottling works, you'll need to choose the correct shrink wrapping machinery for your product. To do this, you can consult one of your engineers who will ascertain production line speeds, volume per hour, package size and they will advise which machine dimension, shrink film and control system best suits your individual bottling business requirements.

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