Hand Pallet Wrap Is Expensive And Inefficient

That's quite a leading title isn't it? Why on earth would we, as resellers of hand pallet wrap, state that it is costly and time consuming to still be using such a method? Each method has its place but if you are looking to expand into new markets or increase production to meet demand, you should really be seeking out alternative wrapping procedures for end of line.
We sell both machine pallet wrap in 500mm by 1650 metre rolls with 20 microns as standard, as well as Hand held Pallet Wrap with extended core for either hand use or manipulation with a wrapping tool. These rolls come in packs of six and measure 400mm by 200m each and again in 20 microns.
Not unlike many stretch wrap stockists we lower the price on bulk purchases. If you buy five to forty boxes at a time, you'll discover discounts on stretch wrap for as much as 30% off. If you are spending £1000 on a stretch wrap order then we must conclude - given shelf life of wrapping products, that may well find it beneficial to switch from a hand pallet wrap method.
Stretch wrapping machinery need not be prohibitively expensive. You can purchase a second hand machine pallet wrapper for less than a few thousand of a little bit more for a new pallet wrap machine. The savings not only come in time and releasing staff for other jobs, but stretch wrap wastage is reduced to better management of the wrap process.
Each and every distribution or production line is different. If you are despatching over 20 pallets a week, seeking to automate parts or all of your end of line or even considering putting in place a stretch wrapping system with a low-level drag chain conveyor, automated wrap machinery tends to pay for itself in a quicker time than you could imagine.
If you are wrapping one or two pallets a week with stretch film or shrink wrap then hand pallet wrap is well worth the investment. It is after all the only real way of ensuring products stay safe during transportation and protects from numerous scrapes, dust and dirt and tackling moisture.
However, if you think it's time to ditch the hand pallet stretch wrap method and choose a semi automatic stretch wrap machinery end of line operation, give us a call to find out about more viable and cost effective automated shrink wrap machine options.

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