Continuous Motion Auto Shrink Wrap Machine

Browsing through shrink wrap machine options you might be pondering which is the Superman out of all these automated machines? That might be considered to be the continuous motion auto shrink wrapper machine, a unit that doesn't stop to change shrink wrap roll, has a 98% uptime and doesn't take a break for lunch.
This is robotic labour at its finest, say bye bye to manual labour and welcome in an era that truly utilises continuous motion mechanics to the first degree. Available in a number of different finishes for both the food and non food industries, painted steel or stainless steel for food and dairy operations.
Fully customisable and adapted to your precise requirements, the continuous motion auto shrink sealers are capable of processing an incredible 28,000 boxes per hour or over 60,000 bottles in the same time. The automatic side sealer can work this fast thanks to a continuous motion transversal sealing bar which operates both on the vertical and horizontal.
Such a high speed shrink film machine increases the speed of a production line, cuts down on shrink film wastage and even operates an automatic film reel changeover without seal. Working in tandem with any type of infeed or outfeed conveyor belt, products move through both the side sealer and heat chamber seamlessly.
Adaptable to any situation or end of line operation, you can use any variety of Polyolefin, Polythene & Polypropylene shrink wrap as per requirements. The auto shrink wrap machine with continuous motion will also work with almost any length of product and will judge the seal upon package approach. Meaning more than one line can feed into the machine as needed.
There are of course limits on basic models to both height and width. A quick chat with one of our engineers and the 400mm by 1000mm can be easily adapted with the order of a custom continuous motion side sealer auto shrink wrap machine. Options on these machines are remote maintenance and diagnosis, insertion of cards prior to shrink wrap, labelling and pack tipping at the outfeed.
If you wish to save on shrink film wastage, increase production line times thanks to continuous motion technology. Considering merging multiple end of line production infeeds through to one auto shrink wrapper machine then these auto side sealers with continuous motion transversal sealing bar will more than do the trick.

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