Are Manual Orbital Stretch Wrapper Machines Effective?

Talking to new and current clients is one of our favourite tasks of the day. Updating on new line equipment and finding out how current installations are performing. Helping customers understand machinery such as an orbital stretch wrapper and it's many different functions is also a fun aspect because they are a little different from the rest.
How so? A lot of stretch wrappers are bulky and take up a lot of space. Both vertical, horizontal and coming as mostly semi automatic and automatic. A spiral wrapper (UK), which can also be called an orbital stretch wrapper (USA) is the exception in that you can buy a manually operated version too. Ask us why you'd want a manual orbital wrapper?
Not every item you produce needs wrapping from top to bottom but simply bound together. A problem we find with some manufacturers is that when presented with strapping or bounding machinery they're a little uneasy as it's possible marks remain on the surface of the product if not used with a cardboard insert or worry a single strap could break - as unlikely as the latter may be.
With a manual orbital stretch wrapper you can wrap as little or as much of the product as you wish. The two ends and the middle, at one third and two thirds or just in the middle. The operation is all controlled by a protected foot pedal with a human presses. The manual machine wrapper also works with shrink wrap and comes in a variety of differing ring diameters as required by your products largest size.
You can of course buy a custom orbital stretch wrapper that does the same offering as existing manual models but with semi or full automation. The benefit of a manual orbital stretch wrapper is that it is both compact and easily handled, the operator needs very little training. If floor space is a concern at the end of line process or even for the shop floor and direct customer purchase, a manually operated wrapper is cost effective and compact.
While it is the lowest cost and most compact stretch wrapper, you may needs more automation throughout. This involves more expense but the claw back on investment is essentially along the same lines. you save money on stretch wrap costs, save time, save labour and so on. Come in and see our brand spanking new manual orbital stretch wrapper end of line machinery and we promise that semi and automatic will give you goose pimples too!

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