The Differences Between Types Of Shrink Film

Polyolefin Shrink Film - A type of shrink wrap that has become the preferred choice for packaging products both edible and non-edible. Polyolefin Shrink wrap is preferred for a variety of reasons including: fewer odors when sealed, stronger seal, and more flexible storage. Polyolefin shrink films do not have any chlorine; therefore they do not produce hydrogen chloride gas. Polyolefin shrink wrap does not have any plasticizers, so temperature is not an issue. Polyolefin can be stored in a wide range of temperatures and does not harden and soften in different environments like PVC shrink film. 


PVC Shrink Film is the first type of film used in shrink film. This is the most common and the film that is usually associated with shrink wrapping. PVC shrink film is 
still a very popular film as it is very good for wrapping individual products. It has always been associated with the CD, DVD,boxed games and Software packaging.
PVC Shrink Film is not very durable and can also become brittle. It is purely a presentation display film
It is compatible with all types of Shrink Wrap equipment and is also the least expensive of the shrink films.
PVC Shrink Film mainly comes in centrefold reels and can be various sizes, microns of thickness and reel lengths. The reel length is determined by the gauge of 
19 Micron PVC Shrink Film is the most popular standard shrink film. These reels are centre folded and therefore the reel width is half the size of the actual film (once 
it has been unrolled).
Examples of Guages and lengths
15 micron 750 metres, 19 micron 600 metres, 25 micron 450 metres, 38 micron 300 metres
many widths are available but you must bear in mind the size of your product so you always have a bit of film excess. Also ensure that your L Sealer is large enough 
for the size of the product and film.
Once product has been wrapped in PVC Shrink Film the product will be bright and clear and you will not be able to see the fold.
Nowadays the main issue with PVC is the fact that it cannot be recycled

Shrink wrap or shrink film is the plastic that you use to cover products either to keep the product clean, contained and secure or to enhance its appearance.
When you apply heat to this plastic film it reacts and will shrink tightly to the product. This can be done either by machine i.e. Shrink tunnel or by hand held heat gun.
Shrink film can be used for various reasons...examples
Shrink film can be used as an overwrap for cartons, cans boxes and even pallet loads this enables the product to be more robust for protection during movement. 
Also Keeps the product clean
Shrink film can also be used to enhance a product i.e. A glossy clear film is aesthetically pleasing to the eye
Shrink film is can also be used as the primary cover for foods products i.e...meat, Cheese and provides tamper evidence
Shrink film can also be used to create multi packs
Shrink film is supplied is different forms to suit the required application . On sleeve wrappers which is for mainly distribution purposes and is very strong but will give 
a wrap that may not be fully enclosed. Another way is centrefolded Shrink Film, this is that when the shrink film is converted onto the roll it is folded in half. When you 
first start a reel of shrink film you make an initial seal along the end and then you have a pocket to put your product in and then seal with an L shaped sealer. This way 
will give you a full enclosed and tamper evident pack.

A strapping machine is a tried and tested, popular type of packaging machine that is available in semi-automatic and fully automatic forms. A Strapping machine is 
used in industry to tightly apply a length of plastic strapping around a pack to provide containment , strength and security. The banding machine applies an adjustable 
level of tension when applying the banding around a product to secure it during transit.
A strapping machine may also be referred to as a banding machine both terms are regularly used to describe the same piece of machinery.

One of the main differences between strapping machines is the operational functions ,they are available as a manual, semi-automatic which is a standalone machine 
for low to medium volumes, or fully automatic which is for medium to high applications. A non-operator fully automatic machine is the quickest . We have a banding 
machine available for any packaging application. The benefits to having a strapping machine are numerous and include having the facility to fasten and secure boxes, 
secure and restrain top lids and closures, provide multipack containment .Also the straps can also be used as a handling aid or even reduce transportation costs by 
strapping units together.
Aesthetically, strapping is better than packaging tape, giving a neat and tidy appearance. It offers improved strength and support for the safe transit of product

To use a semi-automatic banding machine the operator places the pack on the top of the strapping machine. The operator takes a strapping over the parcel and 
inserts it into the strapping guide, at which point the machine pulls the strapping material until it contacts the product, it then heat seals the strap and cuts it,the 
strapping machine will then automatically dispense a length of strapping ready for the next parcel. The total strapping time, is around three seconds. 
An automatic banding machine
works by the same principals except it allows for hands-free operation to strap parcels or products. The parcel is placed in the middle of the strapping arch built on 
top of the machine. Operation of the strapping machine is by foot-pedal, two push buttons, a microswitch or a magic eye and the strapping cycle is instantaneous. The 
banding machine the operation in around 1.5 seconds.

The hand pallet stretch wrap film is on extended cores and comes in cases of 6 rolls. Despite being stretched to twice its original length for greater economy retains 
its high performance and strength thanks to the fold-over edges.

Our hand pallet wrap is available to fit all standard hand-pallet rollers.

Both our types of Pallet stretch wrap film is made to expand to cover product packs before contracting for a secure fit without the use of heat to shrink the film

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