We Show You That Polyolefin is Recyclable

As the world population is constantly increasing, so is pollution in the form of harmful emissions in the environment. Filling our planet with waste is something we need to avoid. It takes up space along with wasting our scarce raw materials. As this is our planet, it is our responsibility to protect it. This is why the mantra reduce, reuse, recycle is something we should live by. Look around you and see what materials you are using that you can recycle. Polyolefin is one such material, belonging to the largest group of thermoplastics.

Polyolefin Shrink Film is a multi-purpose film with a lot of exceptional qualities. It is used as a packaging material as it has excellent transparency and gives high exposure of the packaged product. It also gives a glossy finish to the product. When choosing a packaging material, you need to consider what objects are being wrapped. Polyolefin has proved to be a good packaging material for a lot of objects due to its flexibility and breakage resistance. It can also be used for packaging objects with sharp edges. It is possible that many of the products that you buy will be wrapped up in Polyolefin Shrink Film such as toys, games, books, flowers, food as well as chemical and technical products.

The use of Polyolefin Shrink Film is good for food product packaging as it does not let other substances penetrate in, keeping your food safe. It is also completely odourless and tasteless, leaving no effect on food besides providing it protection. This means that you would come across this material quite frequently. What do you do when that happens? Do you just throw it away? If you do, you need to stop! Polyolefin is a material that is easily recyclable and there are no harmful vapours that are released during the process of heat sealing. This makes it safe for the environment and can be chosen over other plastics and shrink films that can turn out to be harmful. Instead of filling landfills with recyclable polyolefin film and depending on others to recycle it, make sure you take steps to do it yourself.

Once the recycling process has been carried out, it becomes Recycled Polyolefin Film which is environment friendly and is made up completely of recycled granulates. This is done quite safely without risking the polyolefin films properties. It serves the same purpose, just in a more environmental friendly way and without creating wastage.
The features of a recycled polyolefin film would be:

  •          It is made of 100% recycle material, which is an efficient way to save the environment.

  •          No harmful emissions and odour are being produced.

  •          It is working towards saving waste by putting it to good use.

  •          It still has transparency and optimal shine; hence its properties remain the same.

  •          It can again be recycled after usage.

So when it comes to buying packaging materials and shrink films, Polyolefin Films and Polyolefin Shrink Films is the way to go. Any material that harms our environment should be discarded and any material that saves it, should be used more of. The recyclable property of Polyolefin Films make it the suitable choice and whether you are using it in your business or are a consumer, make sure you are discarding it through recycling!

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