Using Shrink Films For Marketing Purposes

Shrink wrapping is the method of using shrink wrap film, which is a packaging material that is usually made out of polymer plastic film. The main purpose of the wrapping is to cover tightly over products and bind them together for a more cost effective packaging. This article aims to provide brief insight over the benefits of using shrink wrapping for your packaging needs.

There are different types of shrink wraps available in the market, the polythene shrink film or shrink wrap is the plastic that you use to cover products either to keep the product clean, contained and secure or to enhance its appearance. The application of heat on the plastic film results in a soft binding with the material. Heat can be applied by using a machine that is a shrink tunnel or by hand held heat gun.
Shrink Wrap as a Marketing tool
Shrink Wrapping can also be used as an effective way of marketing. Times are changing in the marketing world. With packaging design and manufacturing becoming more affordable, the basic white label& generic packaging is being quickly phased out not only in the private labelling sector, but in the minds of the consumer. To compete in the global market of the 21st century, even small businesses are required to offer good packaging and graphics that would catch the eye.

Examples of Shrink Wrap Design

Coca-Cola uses an all over printed shrink wrap design that resembles the traditional looks of their cardboard. Especially with their 6 pack beverage packages

PepsiCo Aquafina is a great example of a good and eloquent design shrink wraps. The bottle is covered beautifully with their logo in a unique blend of colour and creativity

Many other companies are noticing the marketing power of printed shrink wrap. In reality it;s hard to walk down any aisle of the supermarket without finding a prime example of printed shrink wrap packaging.

General Uses of Shrink Wrap

Shrink wraps can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications due to their low cost and durability. The use of shrink wraps allows the product to be bound together in a single unit, which allows businesses to lower cost, save time, material, space, shipping and handling. Shrink wraps are ideal for food items as the product wrapped with them remains free from moisture. Shrink wraps also offers a wide variety of design options, this allows businesses to provide visual appeal to many of their products. It is also recyclable and can be suited for almost any type of packaging needs regardless of volume.

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