How Automatic Vertical Stretch Wrapper Machines Save

Working in this industry I am often in awe at most of the robotic machinery that makes manufacturing and distribution a much simpler and quicker process. We may be geeky but as engineers you cannot but be amazed at the invention of vertical stretch wrapper line equipment which can stretch wrap a pallet in under a minute.
It's time saving stretch wrap machinery such as this that makes such an investment in automated robotics such a worthwhile exercise. Did you know it takes the average person ten minutes to wrap a fully laden pallet. Even then the wrapping process may not be even. How often does your distributor urge you to switch to an automatic wrapper to make transportation safer?
It's not just their concerns that should provide food for thought. Ensuring your products are safer when being sent to market and retailer around the UK should be a priority. If not for cosmetic appearance, then the reduction in wastage and paying out for the returns because they were damaged en route. The technology behind vertical stretch wrappers saves you money at every turn.
Vertical case packers are continuous motion stretch wrap machinery which can stand upright and wrap a pallet in rapid time. Often only need one person to operate if semi automatic. If fully automated there is no intervention by a human required at all. Especially if the whole end of line is connected and the pallets are machine loaded and a conveyor then takes the load to the vertical stretch wrapper machine.
Fitted with a turntable and controlled by a computer panel, you input speeds and sizes and tech is so advanced, different sized pallet loads can be wrapped without human involvement. Our semi automatic vertical stretch wrappers utilise a pre-stretch film delivery system and because they wrap much more efficiently, can even save your company up to 50% on stretch wrap expenditure thanks to less wastage and more taught use of the stretch film.
To discuss whether you require an automatic vertical stretch wrapper or horizontal. To find out if you can benefit from having a whole end of line automated for accuracy, speed, safety and just as importantly, save costs in the short term, then give us a call. We can help plan your distribution line and even enable you to retain cash flow ability with machine finance.

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