Which Machine Pallet Wrapper Should You Choose?

A machine pallet wrap is the gold standard of production lines and distribution lines the world over. Standing head and shoulders over all other surrounding line equipment, like Nelson's Column, you know you run a successful enterprise when this highly regarded piece of stretch wrap machinery is positioned on your warehouse floor.
As the loading bay doors rise of a morning, the 6am sunrise will cast the shadows back and allow your employees a monument of worship - mainly because it has saved them from backache and going round in circles all day long. A gleaming statement of cost savings, efficiency, expanding customer base and a piece of cheap pallet wrapping equipment that really does pay for itself in a short period of time.
Once you realise we're engineers and that we adore everything we build for your end of line operations, you'll learn to skip the first two paragraphs throughout this website. Knowing full well you need an automatic pallet wrapper solution, which machine pallet wrapper should you buy? There are a couple of different solutions, each will have you on the edge of your office chair.
You are shopping for a vertical stretch wrapping machine, don't get confused between shrink wrap and stretch wrap nor orbital wrappers or horizontal wrappers, if you are then please read these articles. You need to compare machine pallet wrappers on price, speed, whether manual, semi automatic, standard automated pallet wrapper and then full on bells and whistles automatic.
Low Level: Fitted with a power pre stretch film delivery system, you can speed up your end of line with a vertical turntable machine pallet wrapper. This is embedded on your factory floor and can save costs. In fact, most shrink machinery saves on wrap wastage, human error and product wastage further down the line and time and energy.
Medium Level: If you thought Robocop was efficient you haven't met the line of Rotary ring pallet wrappers yet. These beauties can process up to 90 pallets an hour and even generates its own electricity from use of the rotary arm, which makes for even more cost cutting opportunities.
High Level: For lines requiring continuous motion shrink wrapping, you'll be needing the big daddy or as we say, Stretch Armstrong in stretch pallet wrapping which is termed a Hood Machine. So called as it has a hood, a platform and can stretch wrap 160 pallets an hour. That's some seriously fantastic fortitude.
Whether you have the means to buy a new machine pallet wrapper or need a helping hand with one of many finance options and easily managed monthly payments. No matter if you don't quite have the cash flow but instead require a second hand pallet wrap solution while cost savings take effect. Give us a call today and we'll arrange a visit with one of our engineers, who will no doubt convert you to their towering pallet wrap religion.

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