Replace Hand Wrap with a Stretch Wrapper for Pallet Wrapping

If you need to read just one more article to find just one more reason to replace hand wrapping methods with an automated stretch wrapper as a pallet wrapping application, then take heart from this. Whether you select semi automatic or fully automatic, horizontal, vertical, orbital or spiral, you will not look back after reading this.
Let's start with the very persuasive reasons first and reducing labour costs. A warehouse manager's ideal job was as a Sergeant Major. Wrap has to be regimental and can only be that way through training and constant replication of the same method. We all know humans cannot do this time and time again without error and in this industry turnover of staff is high. After all, who enjoys hand wrapping methods?
If you buy an automated stretch wrapper, you don't need to spend hours training and keeping an eye on them. Training the next person and so on. They won't get tired, wrap unevenly, accidentally squash products or see the operator get backache or injured. And the pallet wrapping application can wrap ten times as fast. Training involves the press of a button.
once your product leaves the production line, the first person who sees it after is your customer. How is the pallet wrapped, is it uniformly wrapped? Was one part of the wrap weaker than another part and saw damage during transport. You'll know when you get a call or invoice for a return. With an automated stretch wrapper you don't need to ask yourselves these questions.
We all know the phrase "to human is to er" Consider how many times one of your employees has got a little paranoid and wrapped an extra turn, you know, erm, just in case. This is a casualty of the hand wrapping method, one extra layer, a weak point in the wrap, damaged film rolls when thrown to the floor, waste, waste and more wastage and failed damage control.
For a complete review of your end of line pallet wrapping application options. To understand further how robotics can reduce costs, save time, increase production and cut down on waste, come in for a chat with one of our engineers. Watch a few demos of automated stretch wrappers, bring your own products along and say goodbye to hand wrapping methods forever!

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