Machine Pallet Wrap vs. Hand Held Pallet Wrap

Shipping companies can struggle to package the warehouse consignment that needs to be transported. There are packaging problems that can result if the wrapping is not done properly. An efficient pallet wrap ensures that the pallet is safely packaged and delivered at the assigned time. Machine pallet wrap and hand held pallet wrap are the two types of pallet wrappers that are widely used by packaging businesses. The pallet wrappers have a stretched wrap film that is bound to a palletised rod. When the turntable of the pallet wrapper rotates the film is placed tightly on the pallet. As the film touches the surface of the pallet, it contracts and binds the entire package together. If you are a business owner in need of a pallet wrapper, we mention a comparison of machine pallet wrapper with the hand-held pallet wrapper.

  1. 1.    Safety considerations

The type of pallet wrapper used, depends on the size of the pallet. If it is a small and light pallet then a hand held pallet wrapper can be used. However, you need to be careful when rolling the film that the pallet is stable enough and held together. On the other hand, a machine pallet wrapper ensures that the entire pallet is wrapped thoroughly. It also enables the pallet to retain the balance that is essential for the safety of the employees working in the warehouse. If the pallet is loosely tied together, there can be accidents. To prevent the toppling of the pallet a machine pallet wrapper needs to be used.

  1. 2.    Cost

When delivering a consignment, the cost of the film that is used for wrapping is a huge part of the overall material cost.  Therefore, it is important to buy a film wrap that is capable of being stretched to the maximum limit. If a stretchable film is used, less film is needed to cover the same surface. This cost reduction can be easily achieved by using a machine pallet wrap as they can pre-stretch the material to a large extent. If the same pallet is wrapped using a hand held pallet wrap the pre-stretch capability can reduce. Therefore, to save material costs it is important that a machine pallet wrap is used.  

  1. 3.    Consistency of the wraps

It can be difficult for a warehouse employee to wrap a large pallet using a hand held pallet wrapper. This is because for large pallets it is important that every single pallet is wrapped in the same way. This consistency can be achieved through a machine pallet wrapper. A machine pallet wrapper ensures that the pallets are wrapped uniformly, thus reducing the likelihood of an inconsistently wrapped pallet.

  1. 4.    Packaging time

If a hand held pallet wrap is used, the warehouse employee needs to spend more time in wrapping compared to the machine pallet wrapper being used. Using a machine pallet wrapper frees up the employee’s time and they can concentrate on other business activities. Additionally, the machine pallet wrapper works quickly so the work can be carried out efficiently.  

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