Help With Buying a Pallet Wrapper

A pallet wrapper applies stretchwrap film around a palletised load to provide stability and protection. As the turntable of the pallet wrapper rotates the film is stretched tight, it then contracts to to to pull in even tighter. Many products have a long journey ahead of them before they reach their destination and could be handled several times. Even the best built items require protection against the elements and movement. Nowadays many hauliers and transport companies insist on minimum standards of packaging before they will accept goods onto their vehicles. A poorly palletised load can also represent a health and safety risk to your staff and those of transport companies, as well as customers and end users. And while the appearance of a load may not be so important, appropriate packaging shows the care and professionalism which today's customer expects.

A pallet wrapper can solve all these problems by providing a securely protected load, which arrives in tiptop condition, making optimum use of materials to deliver a professional and cost-effective solution. Semi-automatic pallet wrapper turntable stretch wrapping machines (sometimes mistakenly referred to as "Shrink Wrappers) represent the entry level for many companies. The load is placed on the pallet wrapper turntable, by pallet truck or forklift truck, and the stretch film is attached to it. The operator then starts the machine's turntable, a magic eye sees the pallet and the reel of film is raised and lowered on its carriage. Speed and tension are adjustable. At the end of the cycle the operator simply cuts the film and removes the load.

Various turntable and mast sizes are available, enabling the customer to choose the most economical solution to suit the range of likely loads. Film carriage brake, electromagnetic brake and power pre-stretch film carriages are available, again enabling the customer to choose the most economical solution for his application. For an high usage pallet wrapper it is not uncommon for the film savings associated with power pre-stretch to enable a machine “pay-back” time to be measured in months. Options for your pallet wrapper including loading ramps, pit mounting frames so that we can sink the turntable in to the floor and pneumatic top clamps, are also available.

A very robust easy to use , simple reliable design still capable of 30 pallets per hour Ramp for manual loading with a pallet truck Deigned to wrap an unstable product that needs hold upright e.g and individual door, wardrobe etc ECO A very robust easy to use , simple reliable design still capable of 30 pallets per hour also has prestretch driven film carriage ECO2 A very robust easy to use , simple reliable design still capable of 30 pallets per hour also has prestretch driven film carriage</p>

Not everyone gets hands on experience in warehousing and logistics at the age of 16. Though if they had, every warehouse, distributor and retailer would learn very early on to decide upon a pallet wrapper positively. It should not be an after thought but a complimentary piece of machinery to top off your packing line operation.

As a not so well built teen, a towering and stacked pallet can be a little daunting. Truth be told, even grown men with years of experience have succumbed to the perils of a dangerously stacked pallet at least once over the years. From start to finish a loaded pallet is moved by lorry, fork truck, pallet truck numerous times and with each movement the dangers of the shrink wrap or stretch wrap breaking increases.

We've already pondered the question of Machine pallet wrapping versus hand held pallet wrapping, so let's look at why you'd decide upon a pallet wrapper in the first place. Many distributors and those involved in logistics need to know that the goods they carry in transit are safe and secure. Loads that wobble or not fixed in place can cause problems with the vehicle or even fall through vehicle sidings.

There is also the labour costs and times for an employee to individually wrap each stacked pallet. Whether it's boxes of irons, flimsy piles of toilet rolls or packs of 2L bottles of Coca Cola, the circumference of a pallet doesn't change. Nor does the maximum height or the time and energy it takes to sufficiently pull taught the wrap to ensure a secure and safe pallet wrap.

Therefore while you might spend £4000 on a Automatic Pallet Wrapper and shrinkwrap machinery, over the years you will save on both time and money. You will also negate employee injuries and save on waste product, both the product you sell that may be damaged during transport and the shrink film itself by maximising on an automated process. There is also the added bonus that a shrink wrap machine such as a pallet wrapper can do several things a human cannot.

Take the Specialist Automatic Pallet Wrapper Eco 2 as an example it has "Fixed-rate powered pre-stretch carriage (150 / 200 / 250%), with manual wrapping tension adjustment possibilities using the potentiometer." No gym membership required. It estimates the tautness required and releases the shrinkwrap or stretchwrap at the correct speed to match the turning pallet.

Whether you are pallet wrapping to keep products secure and environments safe or you are doing so to also keep your products clean, free of dust and dirt. When making use of automated pallet wrappers you are buying into consistency. No holes between sections of wrap, minimum wrap used, no weak cornering and best of all a safer working environment.

Don't forget that you can view all of our shrink wrap machinery and pallet wrappers on site at our Hyde Factory in Cheshire. Simply call now for a free demo and we'll show you why an automated pallet wrapper should not just be a decision to make but a decision to take!

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