Hand Pallet Stretch Wrap For Picking Orders

In small and medium sized warehouses, in distribution centres, in shops on the high street and at factories around the country, hundreds of thousands of people are still using hand pallet stretch wrap. And why not? It's effective. We as a company of engineers building custom shrink wrap machines do not expect your Director to sign off on a £5000 stretch wrap pallet machine when dealing with one pallet load a day.
But if he or she does, they are welcome to call. You may be able to persuade them to buy a cheaper stretch wrap machine on wheels however. This article is geared towards smaller operations that are discovering that technological advancements can enable them to meet demand and grow quicker as a business. How's about a hand pallet stretch wrap alternative for picking orders?
Unbeknown to many office and financial workers, shopping at Argos or Harrods at the weekend, their products are plucked from picking warehouses around the country for despatch ready for them to buy and take away on the day. If your staff are still walking around a warehouse with clipboard in hand, pushing cages around, don't you wonder if there's a faster, safer and more reliable method?
All of our industries are intertwined today with robotic tech advancing each of our companies. Being leaders in automated processes we understand this all too well. to remain competitive you may wish to consider your current picking system and whether a voice operated headset may be fundamentally quicker.
In concert with a barcode scanner for product identification and by utilising walkie pallet trucks. If your end of line distribution involves a manual labourers or individual picker stretch wrapping a pallet you might wish to contemplate investment in a stretch wrapping system with a low-level drag chain conveyor rather than continuing with old fashioned hand pallet stretch wrapping which is a much slower and cumbersome process.
Changing to automation might be beneficial for area distributors which despatch picking orders a few times a week by pallets. While not so important for those still working with cages, such an upgrade can save time, especially if you consider peak season trade. Instead of hiring new picking staff, you could in effect have a three or four pallet stretch wrap machine paying for itself in the fourth quarter.
For more information on upgrading from hand pallet stretch wrap use to automated stretch wrap machinery or to discuss a better deal and pricing on bulk purchase of hand pallet wrap in blue, black or clear (why the different colours?) then do please give us a shout and we'll get back to you at your earliest convenience.

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