Do You Need Stretch Wrap Or Machine Pallet Shrink Wrap?

When placing an order for a few tonnes of wrap for a machine pallet wrapper it's important to distinguish between two entirely different types of polymer reacting film. Otherwise you're going to end up spending several hundred pounds on wrap that won't do your business reputation or product packaging any justice.
For eight out of ten clients you are most likely seeking out pallet stretch wrap for distribution purposes. This is the most cost effective film and is typically made from polythene. Applied either by hand roll or via a semi automatic machine pallet stretch wrapper, it stretches to hold products and boxes in place and protects from dust and moisture.
You can also use UV polythene stretch wrap to protect goods within from sunlight. Such is its multi purpose polymer ability, you can find mixes that adapt to each situation, such as anti static stretch film for electronic goods and vented pallet wrap. Most businesses shipping a dozen crates a day tend to purchase a turntable stretch wrapper to save time on the distribution line.
The other 20% of businesses that may instead find machine pallet shrink wrap more useful would be fresh produce distributors. Slightly more expensive, the shrink wrap is made from Polyolefin and is breathable but also protects from moisture, dirt and dust too. Slightly more expensive and you will also need a manual held shrink gun to shrink the wrap around the boxes or crates on a pallet.
As a food producer, either fresh fruit and veg, dairy and cheeses or wholesale butchers you will understand the need to use food grade shrink wrap wherever possible. A distributor or production end of line may find Polyolefin more manageable when dealing with smaller pallet loads as opposed to taller bulkier items which may find more strength in application from stretch wrap.
Depending on how large your operations are, you may opt for a mobile pallet wrapper, a semi automatic stretch wrapper or an all out automated pallet system with conveyor belt system which has conveyors, palletiser and turntable. For machine shrink wrapping pallets tend to be more small scale but bespoke solutions can be built upon demand.
To discuss your machine pallet shrink wrap requirements or your machine pallet stretch wrap needs, do please give us a call today and we'll guide you through exactly which solution best fits your operations.

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