Do You Need A Cheap Machine Pallet Wrapper

You might be wondering what all the fuss is about, especially if you've been in business a long time.  Why would any company need a machine pallet wrap, either fully automated or semi automated? What is wrong with good old fashioned hard manual labour? At some point we all realise technology has its place.
It's not something you've completed missed out on. By now you have probably automated your production line with conveyor belts and in all probability got one or two shrink wrap machines on the go too. So far you've held out on the last piece of the chain but competitors have one, are you missing out?
If you're reading this then you know several things already. Your haulage company has finally got around to convincing you that loads needs to be safer and more secure, manual wrap simply doesn't cut it any more. A semi automatic machine pallet wrap will wrap your loaded pallets in exactly the same way each and every time. The same torque, evenly wrapped and no human health insurance concerns to consider.
Now it's time to choose a cheap machine pallet wrapper that stems the amount of feedback you're getting on how to move forward. While not breaking the current cash flow and spending too much of the budget on equipment you still think isn't required. We assure you that if you have a medium to large sized business, a pallet wrap machine will make a noticeable difference.
A semi automated machine pallet wrap is a simple piece of equipment that has a turntable and a tower attached. Often there is a computerised display which you can programme, speed, tightness and different wrap settings depending on the size of the pallet. Just in case your distribution differs in box sizes or shapes.
There are variables to consider too which we will discuss elsewhere, everything from forklift accessible and automated controls to pre stretching modes and requiring a ramp. If you have questions and concerns and wonder if your production line or end of distribution line even requires a machine pallet wrap just give us a call and we'll walk you through the options.
machine pallet wrap need not cost the earth, can be picked up as a second hand pallet wrap or brand new and spread across monthly payments on finance. They key elements are, saving on labour costs, employee health insurance and liabilities, and of course wrapping pallet loads more securely, evenly and quicker.

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