A Semi Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper Saves One Year's Salary

You can go to Church on Sunday with a clear conscience and take that receipt for your new turntable stretch wrapper with you. Everyone in the world is not your responsibility and your business and its current staff have to be a priority. Our engineers had a dream and it's your company that we thought of first. We figured out that we can save you the equivalent of a year's salaried employee.
Distributors and producers with end of line operations turn to us on an almost daily basis for assistance. The need for automated and robotic labour is upon us and why should you be left behind? For decades millions of people have been going round and round in circles wrapping pallets of every shape and length conceivable. Now a semi automatic turntable stretch wrapper does all that for you.
If your end of line stretch wrap options are limited. If you need to wrap and despatch more than 25 or more pallets a week then stretch wrap machinery could well be the solution you've been looking for. Let's go over the maths. A minimum three minutes to stretch wrap a pallet manually equates to lots of money spent on labour. Multiply that by how many load laden pallets you despatch and that's even more money.
Forget about space on the factory floor as these are compact turntable stretch wrappers. Either operating as stand alone units and manually fed or combined with a conveyor system with in-feed and then the stretch wrapped pallets move out the other end ready to be loaded onto trucks.
Our automated stretch wrap systems will cut down on labour costs, save time and bring down your employee health insurance. That's at least a quarter of a year's salary saved, and with a calculable return on investment. Call us and we'll do the figures for you.

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