What is SWS Answers?

Shrink wrapping supplies makes it easy to get up and running with your new shrink wrapping machine or high speed packing lines. Big or small, we cater for all.

By using SWS, you’ll get everything you need when we install or deliver your machine.

Not only do we provide outstanding customer service on the telephone, we have now created SWS Answers. 

Using our extensive knowledge base you can find and ask questions for those quick and simple answers to questions, such as, why is my magnet not working, or how do I adjust the temperature on my tunnel so I don't get dog ears on my finished wrap, 

By using our support ticketing system, you can create tickets to request a breakdown engineer to come and visit you at your premises, or if you are out of hours? Use SWS Answers, or if you need to request technical support when an engineer is unavailable? Use SWS Answers. 

Whatever your question, large or small, we have you covered in SWS Answers. If we don't, we'll create the answer for you and everyone else in the SWS Answers community to use. 

SWS Answers is provided Free of charge for all our customers.

SWS Answers aims to provide all our customers a complete customer service solution. Over the past 35 years, SWS has grown to support 1000's of customers in the UK and Europe. 

Today, SWS users can ask questions, browse articles and find answers to over 1000 questions - all on your own.


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