Finished Shrink Wrap Problems: Angel Hair or Brown Seals

Angel Hair is the typical description for a range of barely visible lengths of shrink wrap  which forms between the sealed end of a shrink bag or wrapper and the product itself. One of the least noticeable effects but one which can be resolved.

There are many common shrink wrap problems that your business will need to overcome on a regular basis. Dog Ears, Crow's Feet, Ballooning and of course Angel Hair. Each problem which arises either has the same root cause or a different solution which can be applied.

While many common shrink wrap problems occur do to the volume of heat not circulating correctly or speed of conveyor belt, angel hairs tend to show more often than not when the sealer itself has an issue.

  1. On many manual and automatic shrink wrap machines, you need to allow the correct amount of time to pass before opening. Should a sealing cycle not fully complete then different aspects of the shrink film may not have sufficiently moulded itself together. The right seal time and seal temp are important as is the pressure applied
  2. Are the Angel Hairs uneven throughout the seals or only in a particular region of the sealed package? If uneven it's possible the clamp pressure on the sealer is not being correctly applied across the entire sealer and may need tightening or any debris removed which is preventing a full and even clamp pressure.
  3. Heat  and pressure seals, when it comes to sealing, the sealing wire needs to be at the correct temperature also. If the sealing wire temperature is too low a proper seal will not occur andyou will see Angel Hairs form. Alternatively if you get brown seals the seal temp is too high, cleanthe  sealing wire with a ball of film and test at a lowertemperature. 

Angel Hairs and brown seals are by far the least worrisome aspect of shrink wrap problem that you may come across. They certainly don't point to worn our machinery or faulty wrap. Simply clean regular and keep an eye on temperatures if switching between products of differing sizes.

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