Shrink Wrapping Case Study - Promotional Packer


Corporate promotional packaging services require a more high end finish to the production end of line than that offered direct to retailing. Inevitably packaging is smaller and not palletised. Items are often individual but need more care and promotional packer shrink wrap machines dedicated to these operations are more ideal.

Because items tend to be mugs, pens, badges, t-shirts and packs of balloons, your new shrink wrap machinery needs to be able to wrap small and large objects. While products can be batched in tens and hundreds, the problem remains that one job can involve several different lines.

Project Specifications:

The client which operates as a printer but offers printing services on promotional merchandise required a bespoke shrink wrap machine. Many items were pre boxed before entry to the current promotional packer shrink wrap machine but increasingly their customers wanted smaller items individually wrapped. A hassle free solution was required and a small unit due to factory floor space being limited.


After reviewing the entire end of line operations, we thought it best to modify their existing shrink wrap machine so it could wrap individual items. This would require a connected unit that could be utilised upon manual request.

Using an adapted tray method with L bar cutters, individual items would be sorted and sectioned and the shrink film laid across the trayed products and cut simultaneously, allow items to then enter the heat chamber and be individual shrunk at the same time.

Company Budget: £10,000Purchase Costs: £4,000Production Upturn: 68%


A promotional packer shrink wrap case study is a per producer assessment and review and no two will be the same. Contact us today for a brief chat about your production end of line and distribution needs. This study involved two pieces of shrink wrap machine equipment for promotional packers, bespoke L bar sealer, infeed and outfeed belts and additional conveyor.

Project Comment:

"A promotional packer shrink wrapper machine was an enticing project scenario as involved so many variables. Not only are products that need wrapping a multitude of different sizes, it helps if those individual items can be wrapped individually too. Engineers love this type of work as it involves tailoring an existing shrink machine to be fit for purpose."

Suitable Machines:

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