Shrink Wrapping Case Study - Printers


Scuffed, marked and damaged paper products are evidently a huge problem in the printing trade. Which printer can exist without the use of some form of safe and protective printer shrink wrap machinery to aid in optimum delivery. A printer may make do with manual wrapping machines and smaller manufacturers may deem this better when size orders vary so much.

However, with laser technology and a shrink wrap machine for printers being able to accommodate a variety of sizes thee days. You may benefit from an automatic machine that can take direct specifications from existing software.

Project Specifications:

A fast growing printers in the North of England had taken the recent decision to expand its area of supply from the North to entirety of the UK. With the revamping of a trade website to make their smaller operations seem bigger than they were, they now needed to match that with speed of production for next day delivery.

The staff previously manually shrink wrapped their final product, this was costing time and any uplift in sales would require more staff. Why hire more staff when one employee's salary could cover the cost of a specialist printer shrink wrap machine.


There was only one thing all of this printer's products had in common, they were paper based. All the existing printers collated items once they were finished. Client only needed conveyor belts an din line feeders for final printer shrink wrap machine entry.

Staff could then manually package the printed products and use the carton strapper and automated label machine for final distribution. Laser would size objects and with custom software work in tandem with conveyed projects to ensure the ended up at the correct customer.

Company Budget: £50,000Purchase Costs: £40,000Production Upturn: 118%


A printer shrink wrap case study is a per printers assessment and review and no two will be the same. Contact us today for a brief chat about your print production and distribution needs. This study involved four pieces of printing shrink wrap machine equipment for printers, an inline sleeve sealer with shrink tunnel chamber with infeed conveyors and collators, labelling machine and carton strapper.

Project Comment:

"Whether it's leaflet supply, business cards, booklets or posters, one single printer shrink wrapper machine can enclose all manner of differently sized objects. It was a test of our custom building ability to be able to take an entire range of product lines and ensure each could be identified and wrapped according to the order at hand."

Suitable Machines:

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