Shrink Wrapping Case Study - Micro Brewery


From Scotland to Bristol to Bermondsey micro breweries are a speciality business that are cropping up everywhere, taking their product to fruition and competing with the most famous worldwide brands. But to do so, an efficient company needs to streamline costs and there's no doubt a dedicated micro brewery shrink wrap machine can aid in that process.

Project Specifications:

Although a small operation, interest and demand was expected to see growth in the near future and an upper limit and ability of 480 bottles an hour was required. The company had until now relied on sectional box packaging for its products and packaged by hand but speed of production and safety of product is not sufficient enough. The end of the production line needed to be speeded up and safety of despatch was a primary concern.


The dimensions of the cardboard bases and height were in both normal 6, 12 and 24 case sizes so no custom micro brewery shrink wrap machine was required. Instead, after consultation and trial at our factory HQ, a side fed sleeve sealer shrink wrap machine with chamber attached was chosen. This is a fully automated machine that can process and wrap boxes with a max dimension of  700 mm wide by 350mm high.

The micro brewery shop floor needed a conveyor belts to take to the bottles and conveyor machinery in the form of a semi circle return non powered rollered conveyor was selected to compliment the production line. With client expecting to sign contracts with supermarkets, to save on insurance costs and ensure the most secure wrap possible when delivering, we recommended a Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapper for secure despatch.

Company Budget: £ 35,000

Purchase Costs: £ 24,650

Production Upturn: 65%


A micro brewery shrink wrap case study is a per brewery assessment and review and no two will ever be the same. Contact us today for a brief chat about your production needs. This study involved three pieces of bottling shrink wrap machine equipment, Fully Auto side fed Sleeve Sealer including Shrink Tunnel, a intermediary semi circle return non powered rollered conveyor with Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapper.

Project Comment:

"Bottling shrink wrap machines have been in use for decades but a micro brewery requires a smaller scale operation dedicated to their needs. We are currently discussing with client a range of labelling machines with higher DPI print quality and wish the company every success with their new micro brewery shrink machine solution."

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