Shrink Wrapping Case Study - Mailing Company


With over twenty million households in the UK, running a direct mail fulfilment mailing operation is no small feat. Operating both locally and nationally, accepting orders from within the country and from abroad, a mailing shrink wrap machine is the fastest and easiest way to meet demand head on.

A direct mail machine for shrink wrap may have to deal with many differently sized items and packages. These vary from B2B mailers, event postcards, monthly magazines, regular newsletter despatches and questionnaires to unevenly packaged product samples and promotional items. The best shrink wrap machines for mailers will streamline costs and increase productivity.

Project Specifications:

Client needed to speed up end of line distribution due to an increase in demand and new contracts. While existing machinery would have sufficed for now, palletising and heavy lifting was becoming problematic. Labelling and full automation after the mailing shrink wrap machine operation was required.


We reviewed the entire end of line and found that certain elements could be sped up with only minor modifications. We made custom alterations to existing L Bar sealers and then found the client needed better tracking solutions. With barcode placement at every stage we concluded a mail shrink wrapper was used effectively at two stages.

The first stage was on individual packages, the second was an optional stage on certain product lines. A conveyor belt would be used to direct these on to the second line and items packaged using an in-line feeder. Both lines would then feed through to the custom built palletiser. This would automate loading, shrink wrap pallets on a conveyor, before a pallet truck would move them off to the warehouse for brief storage.

Company Budget: £60,000Purchase Costs: £52,000Production Upturn: 123%


A mailing shrink wrap case study is a per mailing company assessment and review and no two will be the same. Contact us today for a brief chat about your mail distribution needs. This study involved six pieces of mailing shrink wrap machine equipment, two identical 800mm wide inline sleeve sealers, a shrink tunnel chamber with two conveyor belts. A vertical stretch wrapper with rolling conveyor belt, additional labelling machines.

Project Comment:

"Despite the internet's continuing effect on print media, brochures, leaflets and info packs are still a mainstay of advertising. Having supplied end of line mailing shrink wrapper machines to many businesses, this was perhaps one of the simplest projects to see through to fruition. Installing a new shrink wrap machine for a mailing company to increase speed of distribution is one of our most popular requests."

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