Shrink Wrapping Case Study - Laboratories


Laboratories and connected health services are not your run of the mill production line by any means. They require a clean environment at every turn and this can only be accomplished by the use of a specific laboratory shrink wrap machines which may need to be tailored to exact specifications.

Dealing with blood samples, pills, medicines, medically clean tools and instruments requires every stage of the process to be pristine, dirt and germ free. Further, any packaging should utilise tamper evident labelling and tamper proof shrink wrap as a part of the end of line laboratory operations.

Project Specifications:

The client runs a high end laboratory that requires products to be tested and samples to be made secure before leaving for another department. Which could be at the other end of the country or in Europe.

It is imperative that samples are not infected by foreign bodies and seen to be tamper proof across the entire chain. Production is not involved but a single high grade shrink wrap machine and labelling unit would need to be procured and installed.


A stainless steel L bar sealer with component parts individually checked for clean environment compliance was supplied. The laboratory shrink wrap machine would be operated manually by an operator. Previous to the sealing method, an additional unit, again in stainless steel throughout would apply tamper evident labelling for further security.

Company Budget: £10,000Purchase Costs: £6,000Production Upturn: 72%


A laboratory shrink wrap case study is a per lab assessment and review and no two will be the same. Contact us today for a brief chat about your medication production and medical supplies distribution needs. This study involved four pieces of shrink wrap machine equipment for laboratories, custom built stainless steel L bar sealer and a labelling machine.

Project Comment:

"Much like the food industry, stainless steel is the choice of metal for any custom build shrink wrap machine for a laboratory. Essentially food / medical grade shrink wrap is required and the correct amount of ventilation in the surrounding area to compliment existing structures."

"This was a simple project but one we saw through to fruition, monitoring the laboratory shrink wrap machine for a few weeks after installation to ensure optimum security on each sample."

Suitable Machines:

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