Shrink Wrapping Case Study - Label Manufacturer


Labelling is as synonymous with production and distribution as much as shrink wrap is. Shrink wrap machines for label manufacturers allow much bulkier loads to be despatched with ease, wrapping smaller batches of rolls or boxes and then combinations.

Every size and shape of label from specialist outdoor and waterproof labels through to A4, 3D domed and barcodes. Including tamper evident labels and metal plater labels can be kept safe, clean and secure with the help of a label shrink wrap machine until opened at the final destination.

Project Specifications:

Client knew what they wanted from the outset. It is our aim to review end of line operations before installing any necessary labelling shrink wrap machines. The fact a label manufacturer can supply itself its own labels at cost is not enough of a saving. This job involved the expansion to supplying more specialist labels to take on niche areas of business such as deep freezer labels and peelable labels etc.


The label manufacturing shrink machines that the client wished to install at first, would have probably cost them more in shrink wrap wastage and an extra machine for a second in-feed conveyor to an extra machine. We devised an end of line batch label shrink wrapper that would meet demand with just one machine instead of two, simply by re-adjusting sizes of contained labels.

Instead of looking at how fast the machinery could run, we decided it best to streamline costs and efficiency by ensuring packaged sizes were more similar. A roll of 200 of one type of labels could be packaged in a set of three and a roll of 100 labels of another type wrapped as a pack of five and so on.

Company Budget: £35,000Purchase Costs: £28,000Production Upturn: 96%


A labelling shrink wrap case study is a per label distributor assessment and review and no two will be the same. Contact us today for a brief chat about your label production and distribution needs. This study involved four pieces of label manufacturer shrink wrap machine equipment, auto Sleeve Sealer side fed without collator not including tunnel, a shrink tunnel chamber with  modified heavy duty infeed and strapping machine.

Project Comment:

"Labels and shrink wrap go hand in hand in industry but a label manufacture still needs to get labels to the customer is pristine condition. We learned a lot from this project, through changing label sizes and batches, we were able to shave manufacturing and end of line timings to effect cost savings which enabled additional label shrink wrap machinery to pay for itself."

Machine(s) Equipment to be installed:


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