Shrink Wrapping Case Study - Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer

Case Study Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer


A kitchen cabinet manufacturer deals mainly in large obtuse objects that are difficult to wrap manually. While it is possible to wrap by hand it takes time and can result in uneven layers and more expense on roll wrap usage. With more than one person to package and the more often a carefully crafted wooden product is handled before assembly, the higher the likelihood of damage.

Project Specifications:

To ensure worktops, cabinets, drawers and parts are kept clean and free of scrapes and light impact damage. Ensuring the products are transported in the best possible condition until arrival at the shop floor or customer's point of delivery, a kitchen cabinet shrink wrap machine would be required to maximise speed of production.

The size of the variable parts were all under a maximum of 720mm by 560mm, taking into account speed of current job load and future custom. The six sides should be wrapped in the most oblique wrap yet most strengthened and allow for labelling.


A standard Spiral Wrapper machine would suffice with accommodating width being 600mm on one of our newest models. While the length of the product to be shrink wrapped varies as does the width. As the item enters the machine from a conveyor belt, a laser sensor judges the size in milliseconds, allowing the correct lengths and widths of wrap to be applied.

The strongest but thinnest clear film wrap was chosen to offer immediate product identification. No custom additions were required and the delivered unit should meet the businesses needs for the next few years based on projected production levels.

Company Budget: £15,000

Purchase Costs: £6,500

Production Upturn: 65% after switching from manual to automatic


A kitchen cabinet shrink wrap case study is a per manufacturer assessment and review and no two will ever be the same. Contact us today for a brief chat about your production needs. This study involved one piece of shrink wrap equipment, Spiral Wrapper

Project Comment:

"Speed is the essence of any production line. Manual labour and time on certain aspects can often be bettered by a kitchen cabinet shrink wrap machine. Cutting down on man hours and ensuring the safety of the product at the final process"

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