Shrink Wrapping Case Study - Hampers


Ever since the King of England started celebrating Christmas proper with Norwegian trees and giving peasants boxes of treats, companies and the upper class have since followed suit. For a few centuries now, hampers have grown in demand and are offered as corporate gifts as well as by family members to others.

While Christmas hamper shrink wrap machines are at their busiest in the run up to the end of the year, many production lines ensure year round production on related gift ideas. This increase and decrease in volume, variation in size of hamper demands that the correct gift hamper shrink machine be installed on site.

Project Specifications:

At peak time the production line could run at 500 gift baskets an hour. The line is manual based with conveyor belt operation with length of line increased and decreased based on demand.

The distributor wanted an automated solution for shrink wrap perfection. Manually held shrink guns were not fast enough and one wrapped gift hamper tended not to match the next and so on. This was important for shop floor display purposes. An additional requirement was automated ribbon wrap application and labelling.


After reviewing the basket sizes and the client coming in for a free trial hamper wrap on the chosen machine, it was decided that the Automatic L Sealer with kissing device and Tunnel machine would more than meet peak demand in the coming seasons. The client however would need a bespoke solution and a custom ribbon bow shrink wrap machine for final assembly.

We converted a carton wrapper and the ribbon bow was manually added at the end when palletised. An additional labelling machine with full RFID capability for tracking offered the final required finish. The client also hinted at needing a bespoke gift hamper shrink machine for an alternative gift hamper bag with tie, this profile will be updated should the client proceed on that front.

Company Budget: £25,000

Purchase Costs: £20,100 +/- bespoke POA

Production Upturn: 35% + manual labour efficiency


A hamper shrink wrap case study is a per distributor assessment and review and no two will ever be the same. Contact us today for a brief chat about your production needs. This study involved three piece of hamper shrink wrap equipment, xxxx Automatic L Sealer with kissing device with Tunnel and a custom built ribbon wrap machine in the form of a converted carton wrapper.  Labelling machine as standard.

Project Comment:

"While we have supplied gift hamper shrink wrap machines in the past and installation proven successful. The custom shrink wrap machine for ribbon attachment was a unique concept that saved on manual labour and client now had more budget for the production line staffing. Also saving on time lost to manual shrink wrap heat gunning."

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