Shrink Wrapping Case Study - Exam Papers


Every year, hundreds of thousands of students sit exams, the results of which determine their immediate future. With such high importance placed on the event, exam papers must be deemed tamper proof and a high quality exam paper shrink wrap operation is the beginning of that journey.

Large universities may find it cost effective to have an exam paper shrink wrap machine on site. Local printers and or regional education authorities may wish to work with a company that has the solution readily available.

Project Specifications:

While examinations are planned in advance, the actual exam papers and contents of which are not assembled until the very last minute. This requires a shrink wrap machine that can process a large volume of collated papers at high speed in short duration, with assurance that the film used to wrap is tamper proof and durable.

The printer set up and collating of documents machinery has already been sourced. The client requires a solution that wraps and also boxes the resulting exam papers so they can be easily stored and despatched.


With printing solution in place, it would be discussed whether the end operation need be manual or fully automated. With manual a semi-automated L-Sealer with shrink tunnel would more than suffice, enabling over 700 units to be proceed an hour.

However, as they were the only local authority to have an on site shrink wrap machine for exam papers, it was deemed more cost effective to use the machine as supplementary income also. With other colleges and universities in the region able to book a slot to seal their own exam papers too.

In this instance, an automatic L sealer with tunnel could manage many more items per hour and allow for additional budget to compensated by outsourcing payments from customers. We recommended a polyolefin shrink film that was both durable, tear proof and could be security marked. A side belt driven carton sealer would finish the process.

We also advised that while student name and identification was already featured on the documents and as an insert, that a further label should be positioned on the wrapped documents. This is an idea they will be taking up in the future.

Company Budget: £10,000

Purchase Costs: £15,300 with incremental revenue from other schools

Production Upturn: 100%


An exam paper case study is a per school assessment and review and no two will be the same. Contact us today for a brief chat about your education authority's needs. This study involved two pieces of shrink wrap equipment,  L Sealer and Tunnel Shrink Wrap Machine

Project Comment:

"With a shrink wrap machine for exam papers it's not merely the speed of output that matters even when time is of the essence. The client needed to consider the security of the operation and ensuring documents were tamper proof. Choosing the correct film wrap was essential to complying with legislation surrounding the exam process."

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