Shrink Wrapping Case Study - Distribution Company


By far the biggest costing for a distributor which they can eradicate to almost zero is returns on damaged products before the read the customer. A shrink wrap machine for distribution companies that is either custom built or directly serves its purpose can save you thousands of pounds annually.

Both small and large operations can benefit from shrink wrap and effective stretch wrap solutions. From individual packages, cartons and distribution stretch wrapping of pallets, either automated or semi automatic. The whole distribution end of line can be automated and even specialist stretch wrap colouring can lower the possibility of theft.

Project Specifications:

The client is a national distributor that acts as a wholesale. Taking receipt of goods inbound from container ships and international truck deliveries and splitting loads. Which are then sent on again to individual retailers. a shrink wrap machine for distributors could speed up operations and reduce expenditure on damaged goods.

A distribution centre would ideally receive palletised products and simply despatch the whole load to a customer. However most shipments needs existing stretch wrap removed, boxes reallocated and pallets stretch wrapped once again. An automatic distributor end of line which could re-wrap pallets in seconds would save on labour costs.


Upon review we found the client had been using a turntable stretch wrapper and wrapping one pallet at a time. It made much more sense to have a custom built vertical stretch wrapper with conveyor system. We offered a bespoke solution with inbound pallets loaded on to a conveyor from the trucks.

Goods would be placed on new pallets with old pallets automatically racked by machine. The second conveyor would take picked boxes to an end of line distributor stretch wrap machine would wrap a pallet in less than 30 seconds, in a uniform manner. We also suggested a switch from clear wrap to coloured to negate opportunist theft of high valued goods. Pallets could then be loaded straight on to trucks for transport to client or stored in the warehouse until next despatch.

Company Budget: £50,000Purchase Costs: £46,000Production Upturn: 220%


A distributor shrink wrap case study is a per distribution assessment and review and no two will be the same. Contact us today for a brief chat about your delivery and transportation safety needs. This study involved three pieces of shrink wrap machine equipment for distributors, two rolled conveyor belts, a vertical stretch wrapping machine with modified palletiser.

Project Comment:

"Without the hundreds of thousands of distribution networks across the UK and Europe, retailing and manufacturing would cease to exist. There is a huge cost saving element within transportation of goods that shrink wrap and distribution stretch wrapping machines can offer. It was a great pleasure that our review of this client's end of line operations could envisage such a huge reduction in returned and damaged goods."


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