Shrink Wrapping Case Study - Dietary Supplements


Diet pills are a multi billion pound market and someone somewhere has to pack them. Many of the pills start off life in only one of several manufacturers in the world, requiring individual branding by drop shippers or online retailers. Any diet pill production line needs a custom built dietary supplement shrink machine line to adapt to its needs. Multiple product lines, different size pills, multiple labelling options and a swift end of line that shrink wraps for complete security.

Project Specifications:

It may appear easy to package pills, sort, count, weight drop, seal. However even though these are not medication, it's imperative the correct weights and packaging guidelines are adhered too. diet pills can cause health issues if the wrong dosage or the wrong pill is taken.

If half a pill is missing of tablets are broken, this would indicate standards are low and reflect badly on the company. Over packing by two pills across one million pouches or pill bottles would equally increase losses. Within any dietary supplement shrink wrap machine line you need separate parts, one of which is a check weigher. Instantaneously measuring before packaging, rejecting or halting the line if an error is discovered.

This manufacturer had two existing problems. An 8% success rate when it came to weighing and only one line which was slow at packing multiple products and multi packs. With a budget for the future being assessed, they were also eager to ensure safety requirements should they begin packaging for the pharma trade. Requiring stainless steel pill packaging lines to meet government health requirements.


A 99.9% accurate check weigher was custom built to fit into the new dietry supplement shrink wrap machine end of line operations. Able to weight pills and scan for broken pills before being pushed along the conveyor to be packaged. The existing tray method with L bar cutters had sufficient speed to feed through to the new shrink wrap machines for diet pills. Double up the speed in which goods could be delivered around the country.

Company Budget: £25,000Purchase Costs: £20,000Production Upturn: 200%


A dietary pill shrink wrap case study is a per supplement manufacturer assessment and review and no two will be the same. Contact us today for a brief chat about your diet pill production and distribution needs. This study involved four pieces of end of machine equipment, a custom built check weigher, two new shrink wrap machines with to way conveyor.

Project Comment:

"Dietary supplements do need an environment that is as free of particles and foreign bodies as much as the pharmaceutical industry. While pill count and weight not as damaging as in pharma, it could not only do harm to a customer but affects the profit margins too. Offering near 100% accuracy on pill count and speeding up the line packaging to over 200% should see growth ascertained as planned."

Suitable Machines:

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