Shrink Wrapping Case Study - Confectioner


Invariably a confectionery company deals with smaller items that are a result of a long chain of events within a clean production line. The items to be wrapped are often small and either singular or need to be packaged in a tray or as an assortment, bagged or boxed.

Project Specifications:

The client is facing an increase in demand approaching the Christmas period and while manufacturing of the confectionery products can be increased substantially, the rate of wrap is not sufficient for the upturn. Therefore the confectionery shrink wrap machine solution is urgent and would need to be vastly sped up to process more units per minute ensuring the production line target is met.


After reviewing the entire confectionery production line and taking in projection for growth over the coming years and a short term outlook which took into account Easter production. It was envisaged that an Automatic Side Sealer with Continuous Motion would more than meet the needs for the company going forward and would easily fit into the factory floor.

This particular model would be modified slightly to fit into the current set up however. While a trade in would have been possible on their current shrink wrap machine, we advised they keep it on site and perhaps develop a secondary sorting line which would double up their efforts.

Because the new continuous motion side sealer can operate at much faster levels with smaller items - which they produce more of, we suggested the sorting machine could pick out oversized items and run them through the older model instead. An option that would increase smaller item shrink wrap to 100 confectionery pieces a minute, with larger items still being shrink wrapped and also at a faster rate than before.

Although not wholly necessary, in keeping with the food manufacturing production line, this model was required to be stainless steel to ensure a clean environment remained. At the same time, ventilation points and fire safety accessories were rechecked and specific shrink wrap chosen that could help drive down costs. We also aided in the decision to replace their labelling set up with a more advanced and speedier labelling machine and a carton sealer. This replaced manual labour.


Company Budget: £45,000

Purchase Costs: £33,000

Production Upturn: 55%



A case study is a per business assessment and review and no two will be the same. Contact us today for a brief chat about your company's needs. This study involved shrink wrap equipment, Sleeve Sealers

Project Comment:

"We have quite a few clients that operate in the confectionery sector. They manufacture everything from Easter Eggs to chocolate coins at Christmas but all have one thing in common. They need to be able to meet production line targets at peak times and a faster new confectionery shrink wrap machine is usually a necessity."

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